Room at the Inn at Belmont Abbey

RoomattheInnlogofinal50I’ve been following the construction and progress of the Room at the Inn at Belmont Abbey College with great interest. Ever since I became minimally involved with Feminists for Life (FFL) years ago, I’ve been interested in the work that pro-life groups do on college campuses.

One of the objections from the pro-choice groups is if she doesn’t have an abortion then she’ll have to quit school. And FFL always said, “What kind of ‘choice’ is that?” So they worked to establish programs to make it easier for pregnant college women to stay in school and not have to abort. I’m not sure if FFL is involved with Room at the Inn and Belmont Abbey’s efforts, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Anyways, the news today is that the licensure process is complete for the new facility at Belmont Abbey and they are approved by the state of North Carolina to accept maternity clients. Six young pregnant women, representing multiple colleges throughout the region have already begun the interview process for residency. Their first residents for the new college-based maternity program will be moving in soon!

Room At The Inn has a very special silent auction prize that will be awarded at this year’s simultaneous Golf Tournament and Brunch events on May 20th.

Their special prize is called FEASTING WITH FATHERS. Three of their priest friends; Father Kauth, Father Reid, and Father Roux, all excellent cooks, will come to your home and prepare a sumptuous meal for 8. This special evening with the fathers includes a three course meal for up to 8 people, with wine and cleanup!

You can bid via email at or call 704-525-4673 x 10. Just give them your name, contact information and the amount of your bid. The current high bid is $800 and subsequent bids must increase by increments of $100. Their web site and the phone line will be updated regularly so that you can check on the latest high bid and enter a higher one if you like.

What an entirely worthy cause!!! So excited for them and hope they raise a ton of funds to support their efforts.

My Favorite Blogger Was Pro-Choice Because of Love

silhouetteThis week marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade–Out of respect and love for the millions of women out there having to deal with emotional issues over past abortions, I wanted to be sure to post a LIFE post this week.

Here is an awesome post by one of my favorite bloggers Jennifer Fulwiler. She was an atheist who converted to Catholicism and her blog documents that journey.  She’s funny and smart, inquisitive and fair.  This post about abortion has nothing to do with the alcoholic side of me but speaks so clearly to the Catholic in me.  Thank you Jennifer for such an honest take on a very difficult issue.

Jennifer’s award-winning, mega-followed blog is Conversion Diary.

My daily prayer:  Dear God please don’t let my boys grow up to be pro-choice.  They’re pro-life now, but please don’t let them marry a persuasive pro-choice girl.

Here’s a blog that tells the stories of eleven girls who faced unplanned pregnancies, chose life, and lived to tell about it: We Were Scared, Too