Letting Go of Our Attachments is Key to Loving God

magnetsI’ve said this before but one of my most favorite daily prayer books is “My Daily Bread” by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood, published in 1956.  Here is an excerpt from it regarding “attachments,” from pages 192 -194, Chapter 98:

1. My child, as you go through life your heart tends to attach itself to many things. If these attachments become too strong they will make you their slave. You will eventually sin because of them. True, your natural likes and dislikes are not decided by an act of the will. You can, however, control them with the help of prayer, mortifications, and My Sacraments.

2. Purify your love for all earthly things by using them wisely according to My will. Only with a pure love like this can you escape the slavery of earthly attachments. You will never again be too troubled at the possibility of losing something, be it a friend or a cherished possession. Nor is this a form of misguided selfishness. You are simply choosing first things first, God before creatures.

3. Refuse to be a slave of anything on earth. Love Me and My Will more than all else. You are still disturbed and displeased when matters go against your wishes and desires. You still fail to understand the passing nature of earthly things.

4. Let no human being nor earthly satisfaction mean so much to you that you would sin for them. If you love anything that much, your love is misguided and foolish. You are preferring a reflection of God to God Himself.

5. If you want true joy and real greatness, be attached to Me above every person and thing in your earthly life. Let your desires and love be guided by My wisdom, and they will never lead you into folly.

Excerpt from My favorite morning prayer book "My Daily Bread"

Chapter 60, Man’s True Glory, page 361

My Child, let worldly men seek their success and glory from one another.  I want you to seek your glory from Me alone.  All human glory, all worldly honor, all earthly splendor—these are empty and bare when compared with the heavenly glory, honor and splendor which I have prepared for My loyal followers.

True greatness is not in the man who is satisfied with himself.  It is only in those with whom I am satisfied.  My standards for judging people are not like the standards of this world.  I shall not estimate your merits by your knowledge, nor by your position among men, nor by your having visions and consolations.  I shall estimate your worth by your humility and by your charity.  I shall look to see whether you think too much of yourself, or whether you prefer My will.  I shall consider whether you seek My honor and glory in your daily activities, or whether you seek your own advantage and honor.

Your highest perfection and glory lie in loving My truth above all else, in forgeting self to the point of being humbled and despised for My sake.  Do not consider your strength, nor even your lack of strength.  Fix your attention on My boundless power, wisdom and love.

If you love My truth, you will praise My name, not yours.  You will esteem and honor My will, not your puny human accomplishments. You will bless Me in all things, and you will refuse to let the praises of people turn your head.

My Daily Bread

I love this little book: My Daily Bread. It’s by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood. By Anthony J Paone, S.J. in 1954. The Confraternity of the Precious Blood it says is located at 5300 Ft Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn NY 11219. This little maroon book is divided into “chapters” which are each approx. a page and a half long. I read one each day. This is my second time through the book. I absolutely love it. It’s Christ speaking to me.

My Child, unless you learn to control your feelings, you will always find it hard to obey me. Your feelings do not reason. They simply turn away from what is unpleasant, be it right or wrong. Feelings can be calmed to some degree by an intelligent outlook. Still, you will never have a more troublesome and dangerous enemy than your own unreasoning feelings and blind desires. By prayer and meditation you will acquire a grander outlook on life. You will see the unreasonableness and mean selfishness of your feelings and moods. I will show you the glorious goal which I have set for you. When you have grasped the higher purpose of your earthly life, you will acquire a holy contempt for what ever opposes that purpose. This heavenly knowledge and eternal goal will bring unity and order into your life. You will then find it easier to guide your lower nature according to My Will. At times you will have to use stubborn resistance and even violence against the unreasoning tendencies within you. Sometimes you need to disregard your likes and dislikes, and follow your better judgment. With my truth to guide you, and My sacraments to strencgthen you, you cannot fail in this daily combat for Heaven. “

This speaks to me directly. So often I let my feelings and moods guide me, determine my action, which is so opposite of what I’m supposed to do—and opposite of what will bring me real peace. As it says, my feelings and moods do not reason. My feelings and moods only try to convince me to turn away from something unpleasant. “Something unpleasant” may actually be helping some one else! “Something unpleasant” may actually be doing my 4th Step. “Something unpleasant” may be cleaning the house and taking care of the children and my husband! “Something unpleasant” may be anything I don’t “feel” like doing. So, if I, as it instructs, use “stubborn resistance” and even “violence” against these unreasoning feelings—and “use God’s truth to guide me and His sacraments to strengthen me, I will not fail in my daily combat for Heaven.”

And Heaven is peace. Peace and order and unity and love.

Today’s reading in my other prayer book: Magnificat, was about accepting God’s call. I know now that I have been called. Called by God. Not in some crazy loud way. Not called to go save the world or be this great, prophetic figure of my time. No, not this. But called to just accept the call. I’ve been called by God and I accept. What ever it is He wants me to do, be it just take good care of the ones around me or to help other alcoholics or to have another baby or to take care of my parents or to be a better daughter-in-law. I have been called. I don’t know for what?

I only have to answer the call with a quiet “yes.” Yes. Yes. I accept. God, please direct my thinking. As the third step prayer says,

“God, I offer myself to thee..to build with me and do with me as thou will it. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Your will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bare witness to those I would help, witness to your power, your love and your way of life. May I do Your will always. Amen.