rag weed

Ugh. It is rag weed season here in Atlanta. And I hear with all the rain we had last week–from Hurricane something or other–the rag weed season has started early and will last for two months. This is really putting a damper on my training. I ran two miles this week and felt like my head was going to explode. I’m starting to worry about the chances of me really running the Half. 😦

On the positive side, I have sold enough crap on Craigslist over the last three weeks to finally have enough money to by my road bike! I am going to go get it tomorrow. At Reality Bikes, in Cumming. A Fuji Finest 1.0. Reality Bikes is putting all their ’08 bikes 15% off starting tomorrow.

I was all set to sell my treadmill for $100, but once I realized the rag weed situation I changed my mind and kept the treadmill so I can run inside. The Half is not out of the question yet! I’m just hitting the allergies obstacle and need to figure out what to do next.

my first triathlon

I did it. My first triathlon. It was incredible, so much fun. I started training right before the 4th of July for the sprint thriathlon at Georgia Memorial Veterans State Park in Cordele, Georgia. Today, August 16, 2008 I can check one more thing off my “50 things to do before I die” list I wrote up when I was 25.

I’m 38. Actually I forgot I was 38 today at the triathlon and told the guy with the permanent marker I was 37. It wasn’t until the ride home when I remembered that I am actually 38. Brain fart.

My Mom came with me, which brought me back to my childhood when she would attend my gymnastics meets. In the same role, she was there cheering me on, helping where she could and simply being present. yay.  Although we broke the rules without realizing it when she stood in the transition area with me to help me put on my shoes after the swim.  Nobody is allowed in the transition area except the participant.  ha ha

Here is a picture of the swim–I’m way over to the left, trying to avoid the feet kicking in my face.