Gratitude List: Dec 10, 2012

1. seeing amy get her 3 year chip today!!  amy you are such an inspiration. woo hooo!
2. quick trip to KY and back went smoothly with no car trouble like last time
3. Husband offered to drive carpool this morning and let me sleep because I have caught some kind of bug
4.  Husband, the boys and I travel well together and really enjoy one another even when we’re stuck in a car for hours
5. Husband got two big jobs that start this week 🙂

Gratitude List: Dec 7, 2012

1. for Stacey being my discussion leader today yay! and for agreeing to do it for me the last Friday when i’ll be out of town
2. girls night out!!!!
3.  realizing i know nothing and am OK with that!
4.  wrapping Christmas presents
5. rob agreed to a last minute trip to KY even tho he didn’t want to go–to visit his dying birth-grandmother—gotta find a meeting in Radcliffe, KY Saturday and Sunday!

Gratitude List: Dec 5, 2012

1.  that i was able to talk stacey into sitting up front with me on friday when i chair the meeting!  y’all saw my bright red face just giving out chips today!  lordy what was i thinking signing up to CHAIR.  oy vay! THANK YOU STACE
2  talking with you girls about going to see FLIGHT.  i’m in.
3  good meeting today SO GRATEFUL to be back at 11:30 this week!
4  playing words with friends with my sons 🙂
5  i bought 4 tix to the capital one bowl game on jan 1 and will put in Husband’s and the boys’ stockings at christmas

Gratitude List: Nov 4, 2012

  1. fun tennis event today with tons of iced cold beer free everywhere for
    hours and neither me nor husband drank 🙂
  2. that husband is actually not drinking! longest hes gone without a drink since ive
    known him (18 years!) he's not an alcoholic but is just supporting me.
  3. a very cleansing (sorrowful honest tears) panic attack during Mass today and i
    was able to journal about it afterwards and felt better
  4. a fun 5k yesterday which reminded my body of the awesome natural high i get from
  5. great 7:30am meeting this morning 🙂