Will, Willingness, Free Will, Free Willy lol

Warren-Wiersbe-Quote-Will-of-GodHeylo. I don’t really have a lot to say this morning; but I woke up with an understanding I wanted to share! I’ve had too much coffee so my title to this post is goofy, but who cares?

The will of God is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? I remember in high school, in Father Dominic’s “Catholic Catechism” class first learning about the “will of God.” I remember being fascinated with this. It made sense to me, intellectually. While all of my peers were just getting through the class to pass, I was enthralled with the material.  It was my favorite class in all of high school, ha! I’m such a dork.

Years later sitting in my seat in AA meetings, all the talk of doing the “will of God” was familiar to me. I knew instinctively this is something to aspire to.  I trusted AA because it was based on this Truth.  And I eventually came to realize how safe it is in meetings to explore “my” Truth—which is all found in the Catholic Faith. Nobody in AA tries to get me to do their idea of Truth. It’s all about me and my God.

So, this morning— before I grabbed my phone and got out of bed (yes, I sleep with my phone lol)—I stopped and asked God to direct my thinking and my actions today.  A form of the 3rd Step, turning my will and my life over to the care of God.  If only I could remember to do this every day!?

And I said to Him, “Thank you for the miracle of sobriety, the gifts of obedience, detachment and forgiveness. I recognize I’m in a more perfect state of obedience to Your will right now, God, so please take advantage of this! I know it will pass. I wish it would last forever, but I know from experience that my human nature and self-will eventually takes back over. It’s a lifelong journey, an ebb and flow, a push and pull with you, God…surrendering and taking back control and then surrendering again. Today, I’m all yours.”

I asked God before I got out of bed, to please take full advantage of me today! Be productive with me! I’m here to do your will. Use me.

I hope He does. Let’s see how the day unfolds.

Happy Fourth, y’all!

9 thoughts on “Will, Willingness, Free Will, Free Willy lol

  1. I thank you for posting this… youre an inspiration to me. I needed to hear this today, because I find myself in doubt. I don’t know what his will is of me, but while I’m trying to find out still I remain sober. It’s very hard but still I’m trying to persevere. So I thank you for your inspirational blog today. Happy fourth to you as well. God bless.

  2. What I notice this morning, brought to light by your sincere reflection, is that Bill did not write “turn our will over to God’s will” but “turn our will and our life over to the CARE of God.” “That which you seek is seeking you,” Rumi, the Sufi Muslim said once. The father rushing out to embrace his lost and broken son (could be daughter), who had squandered the gifts received therefrom. And celebrated his shamed and humbled return, not with justifiable judgment, but with love and extravagant joy!

    Alcoholics Anonymous is the Parable of the Prodigal Son for me, as I have experienced the Prodigal Son allegory. God loves me, and you, and the next suffering alcoholic. My image of A.A. is that of a great old, oak tree, with strong branches, that I clung to for dear life for my first couple of years of sobriety. God, through this fellowship, has saved my life. 4 years sober last month by the GRACE of God.

    I can’t pinpoint the hour or day or even month that I noticed a change in me. It was more like a dawning, or an unfolding. I think I like the word unfolding better because it captures the revealing, the seeing with new eyes that occurs in the death and resurrection of the Heart and the daily bread that is the twelve steps and twelve traditions of the A.A. “God sometimes does His work with gentle drizzle, not storms,” wrote John Newton, the former slave boat captain turned slave abolitionist, who experienced that same Amazing Grace that happily saved the destitute Prodigal Son. Pure joy. It changes a person.

    Now I want to get to the real meat of things, moving from the “milk” of the Good News to the Poor (which just happens to be everyone) to its meat, at least in my experience, but I am also guessing for everyone. The eleventh step prayer, inspired by a little way chosen by St. Francis of Assisi, is that I become an instrument, an agent of God’s mercy, love and grace for the still lost and suffering alcoholic.

    It is a mystical place where we move from “what can A.A. do for me.”, to “what can I do for the still suffering alcoholic.” This is an additional calling by God. I also think this is what Jesus meant when he said “many are called, few are chosen.” I believe this is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And It is here, as instruments of God’s anything but judgmental love, that we witness God’s restoration at work and we experience our hearts being on fire with the trinitarian energies of faith, hope, and love.

    It is all about the flow. “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Carrying this message, a hand reaching out to the next suffering prodigal son or daughter, bother and sister, that we encounter on this road to Jericho. If the parable of the Prodigal Son is our spiritual allegory for he experience of God’s “amazing grace” then the parable of the Good Samaritan is the spiritual allegory for the maturing step of becoming an instrument of that amazing grace that “saved a wretch like me.” We become living parables of the “Good Alcoholic.”

    “Not my will, but thy will be done.” and thy will is that I experience that I first experience this love, but then to share that loving good news the way Jesus and his followers did. It is in this step twelve “spiritual awakening,” that I no longer feel like I am hanging on to this sturdy oak branch for my dear sober life; rather, I now feel like I am a living leaf on that nourishing branch, free from the enslaving chains of Alcohol dependence.

    Happy Independence Day!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th. We are, indeed, so blessed to be in the United States….where we can exercise our free will! God Bless –

  4. Live it, Love it, you can control this. The ebb and flow is the ocean, which you Love. Embrace your Harmony

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