yahoo! My Friend at Sober Catholic is 14 today

33a7053d6bc5390c1c42af7232d3748b0aaa88789eda2112a5172121988ed552I was trying to think of something to write about today. I wrote a boring draft post but drafted it because it was, well, boring.

Then I surfed Facebook and see that my friend Paul at is celebrating 14 years of sobriety today!!!!  Big shout out yay you, Paul. This makes me so happy.

Be sure to check out Paul’s blog if you haven’t already. A wealth of a resource for all of us!

Congrats Paul!

9 thoughts on “yahoo! My Friend at Sober Catholic is 14 today

  1. Boring it may be, it could have been a 4th step. My AA community is welcoming a number of newcomers and members returning from a relapse. Lots of rosaries to be prayed this month! Good for the soul.


    James P. Vaughn, OFS St. Thomas More Fraternity


  2. Hello again. Hope you are doing okay. I just wanted to thank you for recommending Paul’s blog. Fourteen years is truly amazing! I don’t do meetings so reading blogs is my lifeline. Blessings+

  3. That is incredibly good news, for both him and you – for you because you’ve got someone there to help prove that it is possible, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

    I use all the senior sisters in my community in that way when things get tough! xxx

  4. Please don’t stop writing! This is delightful, enlightening and inspiring! Cradle Catholic here. Coordinates: South of the Mason Dickson Line.

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