mellow is fine

I need to reprogram my brain to like mellow/peace/fine again. I used to prefer that state of mind, but now I crave the crazy. I guess not the “crazy,” per se, but the “fun.” I guess it’s not really “fun” exactly. ha. I don’t know what it is, but mellow is what I’m feeling today; and mellow SHOULD BE a pretty darn desirable way to live the rest of my life.

My desires/instincts are out of whack from the days of drinking and focusing on my own self.

So, let’s meditate with the Rosary and my favorite, “The Memorare,” and get used to this sober state of mind.

KISS by Prince just came up on my playlist and i didn’t automatically start dancing, like I normally would.

I hope the dancing will come back soon. I like to dance—but only when I’m by myself, alone in my apartment or in the car. ha. No! I also always dance when I’m around my boys. They make me happy, and i feel like dancing when I’m with them. But that bugs them. Teenage boys aren’t too thrilled when their middle-aged mom does the PUT YOUR HANDS UP DANCE in the car…

I guess I actually am sort of bouncing a little bit in this chair.

There’s hope!

5 thoughts on “mellow is fine

  1. Hi again, I was happy to see your post tonight. The hand dance in you car made me chuckle. I can well imagine your boys faces, lol! Yes, very sad about Prince. I live near Minneapolis and drove past his other lakeside house (with a purple gate) many times. He will be missed around here. Poor guy suffered with awful hip pain. Anyway, just finished up ‘day 3’ with evening prayers and a Memorare and thought of you. Thanks for inspiring me to stay the course #9.
    God bless!

  2. We are in this together my friend! Please keep in touch! It gets better each day. We just need to get through each day ahead of us! Listening to the birds and drinking my coffee this beautiful Saturday morning.

    • Happy Saturday! Cold and sunny up here! I definitely feel the connection. Tonight will be a challenge. After Mass we usually go out for dinner and of course I order wine. Must plan ahead and stay strong. Please God! Day 4 here I come with bells on! 🙂

  3. There’s a new take on “dance like no-one’s watching”. It adds “they’re not, they’re all looking at their phones”.

    Dance on, my friend. Even if it’s only your fingers dancing on a keyboard, it’s still dancing.

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