Catholic Alcoholic

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2 thoughts on “Friday, May 13, 2016

  1. I love our Faith…well, most of it. It appears, through reading the Catechism and seeking answers on Catholic answers Forum that we are counted guilty/having sinned for everything under the sun. Alcoholism, drinking again,venting frustrations about a coworker,household responsibilities, having raised a child in a functioning alcoholic home…oh, did I mention I was abused and neglected and other stuff as a child…I know WAAAAH! I become so discouraged through all of our rules and regs…and then of course…yeah…the alcohol. And my husband is one and as I’ve read so often on your wonderful blog, spouses like their drinking buddies to stay active.
    AA? Been there done that..didn’t work for me and I tried it for years…different groups, etc. Counseling? I laugh…have tried that road since I was 19.
    Can’t say I’m desparate because that’s the sin of despair.
    I left the Church for `14 years and went Protestant and I was never happier. The great, heavy yoke of the Church was off of me. I thought Jesus’ yoke was light.
    The DB is home…gotta’ go.

    1. awww bummer i am just getting this for some reason. it’s tough being married to your drinking buddy. i hear that a lot about Catholic guilt and rules but that has never been my experience but I am convinced it is many, many, many people’s experience. I hear that a lot in meetings, actually. I’ve never felt anything but the loving, forgiving, merciful, unconditional love kind of God in the Catholic Church. I have a theory that it’s mostly Baby Boomers (grew up in the 60s) that have this experience. Is that true for you? Just curious to see if my theory holds true here. Maybe it has something to do with the way priests and nuns interacted with us pre-Vatican 2? Who knows. Glad you found a happy home and Church! We all need God’s unconditional love.

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