12 thoughts on “grumpy

  1. It’s ok. I went to two meetings today. One a speaker meeting and the other a step-study (7th step). Three newcomers welcomed back. Tomorrow I need to go to morning mass. I am so blessed. My parish is a 10 minute walk and my home group another 20 min. No excuse not to ask for healing from the Lord.


    James P. Vaughn, OFS Secular Franciscan Order St. Thomas More Fraternity (510) 734-8675


    • Now I’m living in an apartment I am closer to church and adoration
      Will you email me or comment with links and tell me more about your society of sober men? I tried to google it but got lost in cyberspace.?it looks so interesting and I’d love to write about it!
      Going to sleep now but I’ll check back in the morning to see if you responded? Guess you prob have a blog I can check out. I’ll look tomorrow.

  2. Thanks again for being here #9 also thank you Fr. James Vaughn. It feels good to have that spiritual connection to people who fully understand. I have a wonderful supportive husband who rarely drinks. And, as much as he tries – he has no clue how hopeless I feel at times. Anyway just finished my evening prayers at the end of ‘day 1. So relieved for it to be over! Exhausted! God bless!

  3. Ohhhh, the “joys” of recovery. So great to see you writing each day. If you need a quick support fix, please feel free to find me. I’m just feeling so proud of you (not that you’re mine to be proud of) because everything you’re experiencing is horrific. We don’t see it as trauma, while we’re in it, but when we look back we are shocked we made it through. You CAN do this. Go be beautiful today—because you are. ♥

    • ooooohhhh you’re still here. yay. feels good and comfortable knowing my same people are still here for me 🙂

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