New Issue of the 12 Step Review Newsletter by Fr Emmerich Vogt OP is Out!

ImageThe Spring 2014 issue of the 12 Step Review newsletter by Father Emmerich Vogt OP just arrived in my mailbox and I had to share it with you all.  Be sure to sign up to receive your copy by visiting

This issue focused on “The Proper Love of Self.”  How do we differentiate between loving ourselves and being prideful or conceited or selfish?  In fact, loving ourselves- in a proper way – is part of the Gospel. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27. Father Emmerich uses an example of insight given from my patron saint, Catherine of Siena. She says we tend to love other people with the same love we see ourselves loved with.

Where do we first learn how to love?  From our parents and family-life growing up.  Research has now established a clear link between the breakdown of the family and the major problems plaguing our society. Anything that weakens the family, eventually weakens a free society. Father Emmerich discusses divorce as it relates to childhood depression and chemical abuse.

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4 thoughts on “New Issue of the 12 Step Review Newsletter by Fr Emmerich Vogt OP is Out!

  1. I hope you have had a good day! I am reading “the Discernment of Spirits” by Timothy Gallagher, OMV (whatever that means), which is about the rules of St. Ignatious. Have you or your guests read it? I have really been struggling with wanting a glass (!?) of wine the past few days. I thought I had been without alcohol for over 6 weeks, but then looked it up on my calendar and saw I JUST passed the 30 day mark. That was very disappointing for me, and I wondered how I could have been so off. Thank you, Jesus, because tonight I was reading how St. Augustine struggled, and kept taking small steps but it took a long time to “get there”. He knew God was calling him, and although he was beginning to see that his choices to live in sin did not make him happy, he was not strong enough to give them up. I, too, feel so torn. I know what is right, but I want to still do what I want to do! I think St. Augustine AND his mother St. Monica are my patron saints! If you are feeling as I am tonight, I lift you up, I encourage you to hold on to the tiny thread and do something else than take that drink. Have a glass of tea, leave the room that tempts you, go take a bath, play solitaire, pray the rosary, and know you are ok. Lord, please take this urge from me and replace it with a stronger urge to please YOU. Beth

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