This is what I wrote last year during COA Week — it’s better than what I wrote this year. ha ha

Catholic Alcoholic

coaweekposterthumb_large I’ve learned it’s important to share my story. Our stories have the potential to heal us and help others. For someone like me, sharing pieces of my story has always been and still is a slow process.

It’s somewhat less horrifying for me to talk about my history with alcoholism in meetings, in sharing with my family and with very close friends. One day I’ll hopefully be able to share details more easily because I wholeheartedly believe sharing our stories is the best way to help the ones still out there struggling. I’d like to do my little part to chip away at the stigma and shame associated with alcoholism, so more of us would seek help sooner.

I hold the most shame in admitting that I was an active alcoholic mother on and off for almost three years.  I’m no longer that person.  But still, to admit that I ever…

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