9 thoughts on “National Catholic Council on Alcoholism

  1. The number of priests that are alcoholics will only grow with the pederasty exposures either because they did something themselves or they are embarrassed that they didn’t do anything about it when they in fact knew something.

    But the fact is that over 30% of the alcoholics I deal with are drug addicts and yiur organization has chosen to essentially ignore that fact. That is foolish as the facts are real. The old leadership has to talk to the young priest and adapt to the reality.

    Of course this is not gospel but experience is a pretty good teacher.

    • ah! gotcha! i can tell that you really care about this issue. thank you for commenting and stooping by. i haven’t looked into the organization in a while but i believe they focus on alcohol but not drugs. although BOTH are so important to help and often drugs and alcohol are together in an individual, i’m a big believer in not trying to be all things to all people — just stick with one thing and do it well — in this case alcoholism is their focus. but there are plenty of organizations outbthe to help all of us when we are ready you know?

      i hope i’m making sense and didn’t misinterpret anything?

    • i’m so so sorry! i didn’t turn it down. i have completely neglected my blog so am just now seeing your comments. i can’t leave it open because there are so many spammers out there and so i have to approve each comment. so sorry!!! i will try to write again but even so i will def keep up with vomments.

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