Letting Go of Our Attachments is Key to Loving God

magnetsI’ve said this before but one of my most favorite daily prayer books is “My Daily Bread” by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood, published in 1956.  Here is an excerpt from it regarding “attachments,” from pages 192 -194, Chapter 98:

1. My child, as you go through life your heart tends to attach itself to many things. If these attachments become too strong they will make you their slave. You will eventually sin because of them. True, your natural likes and dislikes are not decided by an act of the will. You can, however, control them with the help of prayer, mortifications, and My Sacraments.

2. Purify your love for all earthly things by using them wisely according to My will. Only with a pure love like this can you escape the slavery of earthly attachments. You will never again be too troubled at the possibility of losing something, be it a friend or a cherished possession. Nor is this a form of misguided selfishness. You are simply choosing first things first, God before creatures.

3. Refuse to be a slave of anything on earth. Love Me and My Will more than all else. You are still disturbed and displeased when matters go against your wishes and desires. You still fail to understand the passing nature of earthly things.

4. Let no human being nor earthly satisfaction mean so much to you that you would sin for them. If you love anything that much, your love is misguided and foolish. You are preferring a reflection of God to God Himself.

5. If you want true joy and real greatness, be attached to Me above every person and thing in your earthly life. Let your desires and love be guided by My wisdom, and they will never lead you into folly.

7 thoughts on “Letting Go of Our Attachments is Key to Loving God

  1. Hi #9… I’ve just discovered your blog this evening when I found your review of Fr Emmerich’s book. And now you are quoting another of my very favourite books! While I don’t have an alcohol addiction (over-eating is my poison) I’m grateful to have found your blog and can see a connection with our struggles on this journey we’re on. So thank you for this blog, particularly your honesty in living with an addiction. I look forward to reading further. Karen x (in Australia!)

    • So happy you found it and thank you for your comment! I believe it’s all the same – whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food, nicotine, sex, etc.. it’s the same at its core and the solution, the key to letting go of these things (on a daily basis) is God.

      • I think you mean our peace of mind is inversely proportional to our overhead . . . that would mean the more I own, the more I’m owned, and the less fundamental peace I have. The point is true enough, though.

        Glad you enjoy My Daily Bread. There is something about the way it’s written that distracted me from its great message; conversely, Jesus Calling is a daily devotional that my wife loves and has shared with many others who have loved it, as well. Hopefully I’ll one day discipline myself to use it more frequently.

        • Thanks. I stand corrected. What I should have said is “our lack of peace of mind is directly proportional to our overhead.”. (The Chapter on Acceptance in the Big Book states the opposite of my statement, “our peace of mind is inversely proportional to our expectations” . Easy does it my friend. God Bless you.

  2. This is a very counter-cultural message. We are all taught that we should love our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons more than life itself. When I picked up the Bible after many years away, I was so shocked to see that we should put God above all else.

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