Strong Drink is Not for Princes or Kings: Proverbs 31:4-7

It is not for kings, Lemuel,

not for kings to drink wine;

strong drink is not for princes,

5Lest in drinking they forget what has been decreed,

and violate the rights of any who are in need.

6Give strong drink to anyone who is perishing,

and wine to the embittered;

7When they drink, they will forget their misery,

and think no more of their troubles.

5 thoughts on “Strong Drink is Not for Princes or Kings: Proverbs 31:4-7

  1. I have a daughter 38 yrs old shes a alcoholic. Shes been drinking for 20 years. She goes to confession and communion when she feels like. sometimes drunk. She knows she needs help an has tried to stop, but says she cant. I read your articles, which are so beatiful hoping maybe you can find someone that can talk to her. Shes from sacramento,ca. I asked her if she would talk to someone ,,she said she would as long as it won’t cost her. If theres someone who could call her, if not thats fine. Alicia p. 916 -620 -6656.

      • Hi this is me Alicia, my mom had written to you about me… she is so right. I love when im in the state of grace. When i feel god is with me, i feel soo at peace with myself. I have stopped drinking i loved the feeling, i felt more alive when im sober… But no matter what i do, no matter how much im in love with god, i always go back to drinking. I think, okay i can have a glass of wine, thats not a sin. But the glass will lead to a bottle. And just one day, im not gna drink tomorrow, will lead to weeks, months… Then my friend will call me, and there i go back into sin… Then i think, well might as well keep going, im already in sin. I’ll go back to confession one day, then there comes my depression/anxiety because i know gods mad at me, hates me, and even my mom, she wont talk to me. And then i get angry, might as well keep drinking. Im sorry to burden you with my troubles, i thank you for listening. If you can email me back, my email adress is i would love to hear from you… god bless…

  2. I am a Catholic woman divorced depressed and cannot stop drinking. My oldest daughter won’t talk to me. My youngest has autism suicidal ideation depression and bipolar disorder. She is in a secured residential facility out of state. My middle daughter lives with me and I have trouble with boundaries. I keep praying for strength but succeed at sobriety for only days. I pray to St. Michael, Padre Pio, Mary and Jesus. I go to confession all the time and told to just stop. Please help me.

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