One of my favorite magazines is The Fix, “addiction and recovery straight-up.”  For those of us interested in this kind of thing there are a lot of great articles published each week.  Here is one which highlights an interview The Fix did with the two co-chairs of the Congressional Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus.

In this piece there is information about a possible “Americans In Recovery” Act.  Also, there is a discussion about how policy needs to address early intervention and prevention. Most policies and treatments are affective after the fact, but preventing our children from becoming addicted in the first place is so important to me. As a parent, I just can’t leave this disease to genetics when it comes to my children.

Here is the intro… read the full article here:

It’s been said that addiction and recovery don’t get enough attention in Washington, DC—a result of the stigma attached to the disease, as well as the reluctance of some sober people to speak out about what they and their families have been through. And the latter is precisely what is needed to push forward a positive legislative agenda on addiction and recovery, according to Rep. Tim Ryan, Democrat of Ohio, who co-chairs the 62-member Congressional Addiction, Treatment and Recovery Caucus alongside Rep. John Fleming, Republican of Louisiana, who is a physician.

Read the full article HERE.