I was so proud to read that the Bishop of Boston, Cardinal O’Malley is not going to attend and speak at Boston College’s graduation ceremony out of a special stand for the unborn!!!! I love him. I love that he stands up for us, we Catholics who have no say in the Catholic colleges and Catholic parishes across the country that diminish the rights of the unborn!!!

Cardinal O’Malley is modeling excellent Catholic beliefs!! I’m really very warmed and comforted by his actions and I hope all of you are, too.

Boston College is granting an honorary degree to an Irish politician who is pushing to downgrade the rights of the unborn in Ireland. This seems, coming from a “Catholic” college, to be an abomination against our faith. I feel empowered by Cardinal O’Malley’s refusal to take part in celebrating this person.

Thank you Cardinal O’Malley for standing strong for Catholic beliefs!!! Thank you. You will be hated for this but I LOVE you for this.