Each month I host a Calix meeting at my Church and nobody comes. Tonight was no exception. And each month I’m actually glad nobody comes because I’m busy and can get home quicker to my family ha ha. Boy oh boy I still will keep at it though because there is something about Calix that draws me, seems important.

I’m thinking of playing off of a guy in West Palm Beach that inspired me. His name is Erik Veganius. He seems to have a history of helping addicted persons that goes back decades! He started and maintained a “substance abuse ministry” in Palm Beach diocese that is so commendable. It seems like of late though enthusiasm has waned for his proposals so there were cutbacks.

This is what I would like to implement here in Atlanta, starting I suppose with my own parish—which means I’d have to have the courage to approach the pastor about my ideas ha ha! And we all know my self-confidence in my own ideas is quite lacking.

Anyways, this is what I’d like to do:

  1. Create a parish based addiction ministry where recovering parishoners can minister to those still struggling
  2. Provide printed materials that priests can pass along to those they know are suffering from addictions–i’d pull from AA, Calix and Father Vogt’s materials to create an addiction packet
  3. Ensure parish literature centers have information for parishoners struggling with addiction or their loved ones –currently my parish has only one brochure “Is AA for Me?” that sits at the bottom of the shelf. I’d like to provide more resources. Since this is such a shame based thing–we need to provide as many written materials as possible. We will research these things alone long before we reach out for help within the community.
  4. Establish a monthly parish based group (Calix) that meets to pray for addictions and encourage the sacraments.
  5. Have announcements in EVERY weekly Church bulletin/newsletter to let parishoners know there is help.

Soooo… these are things I have in my head. Of course I am TOTALLY unworthy but since I’m called to this I have to do it.