photoHusband and I are not very good communicators. Whomever invented texting saved my marriage because although we aren’t good telling each other how we feel or even talking about the budget, we are good at texting. And we flirt via text.

When Monsignor Richard Lopez married us 15 1/2 years ago, we thought marriage would be easy. At least I did. I thought certainly it would be easier than dating–and we could live in the same house.

But these last couple of years have been hard. Like, really hard. Financially, emotionally, miscarriage, alcohol, relationally, just hard.

Sometimes I stop and think about how grateful I am that we were married in the Church, that we had a nuptial Mass and were surrounded by all of our family and friends. I am grateful our marriage is so blessed. Because it takes supernatural grace to sustain marriages through hard times. God is definitely responsible for these 15 years.

I thought about this and texted Husband a little bit ago. I wrote, “15 Years is a long time.” And he made my day when he wrote back, “35 more to 50.”

I think about the debate going on right now in this country regarding gay “marriage.” It doesn’t make sense to me that two people of the same sex could be married. But I think it’s only a matter of time before it’s the law of the land. Just like contraception and abortion. These things change society. Whole cultures change based on these types of things.

But for me, and for my family, we’re Catholic first.