April 2013 Issue of Calix Society’s “Chalice”

Antioch-Chalice-Byzantine-MetalworkMost of you are aware I am in the process of starting a Calix Society chapter here in Atlanta. I have this thing about me though that is afraid ha ha! I’m afraid to ask a Pastor or Priest to be our “spiritual advisor” which is necessary to establish a Chapter. And I’m afraid the Archbishop will say no.

Where do these fears come from?

First, I know how supportive the Catholic “leaders” are of AA. Believe me, I tried to get out of going to AA by trying to persuade my confessor it wasn’t Catholic enough.  But from every direction, I got pointed to AA from priests and others in my Faith.  Nobody pointed me to Celebrate Recovery. None pointed me to Rational Recovery. None pointed me to moderation management or any other “recovery” program.

And none of my Catholic trusted advisors (?) pointed me to blogging in isolation and prayer. Every thinking Catholic leader recommends the community and 12 Step aspects of AA–I guess that’s the best way for the wayward sinner, me, the Catholic alcoholic, to get on the road back to the Church.  You gotta start somewhere, right?  And AA has a way about her that works.

Anyways, I am afraid if I bring up Calix to a priest or Pastor here in Atlanta, they will think I’m trying to create a Catholic AA and they will discount my efforts.

Of course I could explain it to them. But, even though I have been in sales all my life I still have this fear of rejection. So, how dumb would that be if I pitched Calix to Catholic priests in Atlanta and they rejected my ideas–so I got depressed and then went out and drank! ha ha.

Anyways, Calix is awesome. It’s an extension of the 11th Step in AA–a great way for local Catholics in recovery to gather and grow spiritually with our Higher Power as we understand him. I have a big old fun web site for Calix Atlanta, and I have scheduled a May meeting–but will anybody come?  If not, oh well.  I’ll be there!

So, anyways, the latest Calix issue is out!  yay!   Here is a LINK to the current issue.  I encourage all Catholic alcoholics to join (only $25 per year–to support their basic administrative costs) and you will be privy to a lot of other Catholics in recovery across the country.

This issue introduces us to a fabulous recovery evangelization tool by a long-time Calix member, Ken Johnson. View the organizations new website (which I will write about soon!!!) here:  Not Saints Yet  As a marketer, I can’t help but add here that I LOVE THEIR LOGO.  Great stuff. Many people underestimate the power of a logo–so I’m so happy that this worthy endeavor has a modern wonderful logo.  🙂 I’m such a geek.

8 thoughts on “April 2013 Issue of Calix Society’s “Chalice”

    • thanks terry! it’s something about priests that always make me so afraid to approach them, isn’t that crazy? it’s like I think they’re too busy or they have more important matters to tend to. alas! I will do it.

  1. Be not afraid! I have no idea how I ended up on this web site when I was looking up something on the Basilica of the Sacred Heart Atlanta. Some how your page opened and I believe it had to be the HS. Our new Bishop Talley is totally approachable. Please reach out to him at the Archdiocese.
    While I attend the other room I believe you have a worthy goal. He will lead you to the right spiritual director. Let me know if you would like some help.

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