Lots of Bars and Lots of Churches

life-on-the-beachThe interview went well. I really liked the Publisher, the paper and the community. My assignment now is to write a few faux hard news articles to submit for review and then hopefully interview again in a couple of weeks.  We found a house we like which is only two blocks from the Catholic school. How cool is that?!

There are two Catholic schools here that seem to be the “good” ones.  The very best one is so beautiful and seems to be top rated in academics, as well.  I like the second best one better though because according to their school calendar online they take the students to Mass every Friday, like we do at our current school in Atlanta.

The other school it seems only takes the students to Mass once per month–well, it appears they alternate classes for Mass so one Friday the 8th graders go and another Friday the 3rd graders, etc..  I’m sure it’s “fine” that way, but it tells me a little about a school’s heart if they make Mass equal in priority to everything else at the school.

And I found a Church nearby on the first day we were here. That’s how I roll. Before I do anything else, I check out the Catholic churches. I drove right over there to take a look at it and noticed it is very traditional, which I love. And there was a Mary statue outside, a beautiful one of Mary in her blue mantle, stepping on the serpent.

I Googled the pastor and get this: he is a recovering alcoholic! A Monsignor–that’s the awful (and wonderful) thing about Google. I was just trying to get a feel for him—I wanted to make sure he wasn’t a “progressive” pastor, you know? I wanted to make sure the Eucharist is kept behind the altar and there is Eucharistic adoration at the Church. And there is.

When I Googled the Monsignor I saw he had been arrested for DUI in 2009 and that’s how I figured out he was in recovery. There was another story that led me to another story that explained how he had gone away for treatment after the DUI.  This made me like him A LOT. I love recovering alcoholics. They’re some of my most favorite people.  Drunk alcoholics, not so much.

Speaking of Googling…I noticed now that I have this blog and I write for a couple of other blogs, mainly Catholicmom.com that my name and “Catholic Alcoholic” comes up, as well.  Not a great thing for me going through a job search!  What’s the first thing prospective employers do when they receive an interesting resume? Exactly. They Google.

Oh well.  Nothing I can do about that now.  It’s now part of my “permanent record,” out there in cyberspace that I am in fact an alcoholic.  I suppose there are worse things I could be?


Now what? I have noticed there are a lot of bars down here.  A lot of bars. And churches. ha ha. that’s funny.  And tattoo parlors.  Yes,  a LOT of bars.

13 thoughts on “Lots of Bars and Lots of Churches

  1. “I wanted to make sure the Eucharist is kept behind the altar and there is Eucharistic adoration at the Church. And there is.” I smiled at that sentence. “Now there’s a girl with priorities,” I said to myself. It all sounds too good to be true, Regina, except for the part about the bars. But then, there are lots of bars everywhere you go. Fingers crossed and sending up a prayer for you.

    • Thank you for your prayer!!! I’m truly okay with whatever God thinks is best. And your prayers will help ensure this for me and my family’s discernment in all this!

  2. That’s the thing about being “out there” is that, well, we’re “out there”. I have debated about whether to unmask myself, as I don’t really care who knows about me or not, but I don’t need *everyone* to know about me. Debate continues. But like you mentioned with your name, it comes up attached to “Catholic Alcoholic”. That can be a surprising find if someone Googles you (like you did witht that pastor), and it can be a good thing (another alcoholic out there to connect with you?) or maybe not so (stigma? court of public opinion). It doesn’t sound like it bothers you much, and that’s a great thing. I remember sitting down to interview someone the other day for a job, and I told them briefly about where I worked and he stopped me saying “I know, I looked you up online”. Not the first nor last time that has happened, so I wonder about the anonymity thing.

    Great to hear about the interview…get cracking on those headlines…lol. 🙂

    Wonderful stuff.


    • Thank you Paul. It should bother me and I guess and it does bother me ha ha! But it is what it is so I have to convince myself it doesn’t bother me, ha! I’d probably recommend against it, especially if I had to be a big breadwinner. Probably corporations would steer clear of my kind.

      • Repentant sinners make the best people! And yes there is a big Military presence down here in Pensacola. Feels very safe! We paid for breakfast for a couple of guys yesterday to show thanks. Heading to the Naval Museum today and we saw theBlue Angels practicing g on Tuesday!

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