Money Isn’t Everything

newspaperThe family and I are heading to the beach today. It’s spring break and we are looking forward to getting in some fishing, strolling, seafood and hang-time.

Also, I have an interview down there!  An interview for Editor of a small town newspaper!  The pay is about of third of what I’m used to making in my sales jobs; and it’s so funny because I don’t even care. Money isn’t everything. And we’ve learned over these last two years how to live small.

There is so much freedom to living small.  We don’t have to be stressed to make ends meet in order to keep up with a big house and big life. We are more free to do the things we’re called to do, even if they barely pay enough to put gas in the car. ha ha.

I’m exaggerating (but just a little) because the pay isn’t that bad; but actually it is pretty bad ha ha ha!

We’ve been wanting to move to the beach for a long time and the boys are begging me to get the job so we can actually do it this time.  Why not? I tossed and turned all night with angst-filled dreams and I’m not going to read too much into them.  I prayed this morning for God to give me/us peace, His peace, if this is His will.

The job itself sounds fantastic!  Managing a very small news room and being the “face” of the town representing the paper.  Getting involved in the community and interacting with the residents, joining networking associations, etc…  I would love it. Also, cooperating with the Publisher to increase subscribers and achieve budgets.  I’ve always loved local news…obituaries, crime, traffic, church news, school stories, local business news.

I stalked the paper a little bit via Google and discovered they just hired an editor in February; so I’m not sure why they would be hiring for the same position again?

I hope they have good AA meetings down there.

Dear God, please give me your peace about all this. And if it is your will and my family and I can make a difference in the lives of others down there then so be it. If not, then not.

I’ve got to go pack!  Happy Easter Monday!

26 thoughts on “Money Isn’t Everything

  1. Fingers crossed on the job. It is so true that money isn’t everything. I’ve moved to a tiny community near a small community, and love the connections with people that I can make. My nearest AA meeting is just 25 minutes away. Have a great time at the beach with your family.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous opportunity to move in a direction you desire. If not this one, there seems to be a mindset moving you this way in the future… let’s hope you begin with this chance. There’s AA everywhere. 🙂

  3. A day late, but I have a good reason … Easter. 🙂
    Very exciting a new adventure. Regardless of the outcome the process is calling you closer to God. Everything works out good in the end and if it’s not good, it’s not the end.

    • yes! like taking the kids to the beach! we did that yesterday and now they’re a little sunburned. we’ll hit the Naval Air Museum and IMAX today!

  4. It’s really good to hear that you are in high spirits and very positive about your new job. Money is a really good motivator but it is absolutely not everything people need and you proved that really well here. I wish you best of luck and may God bless you and guide you on your new adventure. 🙂

  5. I’m so glad to see this! Every step forward makes a difference, and this sounds like a great opportunity. I hope it went well! You’re right about the money. I think that the biggest mistake that people make is forgetting that life experiences have value too.

    • thank you tony! money is nice 🙂 but I can always talk myself out of needing it if there’s an opportunity I want that doesn’t pay much. ha ha. my brain can convince myself of anything if I want it badly enough!! Hope you had a Happy Easter!!!!!

  6. Best of luck with this potential career change! FL is a marvelous place and the beach always has such a calming effect on the soul. 🙂

    I’m from a new commenter (is that a word?) who’s Catholic and alcoholic AND from Atlanta (are there really that many of us?!). Anyway, I LOVE this blog and hope that you will continue to post. Thank you for the wisdom that you have already shared – it means a lot to people like me who are still (somewhat) struggling!

    • how cool you’re from Atlanta!! we should meet up some time then. thank you so much for commenting and we are all in this boat struggling together, my friend!

      • Oh yes, the ATL, it’s a great place (well, despite days like today when traffic was INSANE…heard it’s supposed to be even worse this weekend – thanks, Final Four!). But anyway, would love to meet up! I started working in the city back last year and haven’t met too many Catholics yet (nor Catholic alcoholics). I know I definitely need the fellowship!

  7. I am ever so late to this party here…but I wish you nothing but the best wishes and groovy vibes your way on this. It’s easy to say money isn’t everything, but when the wolves are at the door…it’s another thing. But I get the sense that that is not where you are at. You are truly concerned with happiness and your family’s well being, and isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Chasing the almighty dollar has been the downfall of many a person, and if we’re attached to God and aligning ourselves to His will, we are taken care of. That is my belief and thought. That is where we are at now, and while we do the legwork, of course, the outcome is not ours. And same with your interview – you did the best, and it went amazing…so now it’s time to try and relax and hope for the best! I wish you the best 🙂


    • gracias pablo! i know right? the wolves seem to ALWAYS be at the door. we’re still down here until saturday and we’re having a nice time. it rained yesterday and supposed to rain again today so pooh. but we looked at houses and found one within WALKING distance to the Catholic school 🙂 i have to catch up on all my blog reading and I can’t wait to read all of y’alls posts from the last week or so!

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