Living Sober through the Psalms

Sober Thought of the Day
“A drink centers me but I usually make myself wait until at least 9:00 AM for that. Or 8:00 AM. Whichever comes first.” Bill Callahan, Letters to Emma Bowlcut

In today’s Psalm, we can see God as our refuge, our rock, asking him to save us, not let us ever be put to shame, to listen to us. How many times when we were trying to stop drinking did we cry out to God in this way; but He didn’t seem to listen. How many of us, looking back now, are able to see the hand of God in every single one of these situations, just waiting for us to surrender to Him? Number 9

Psalm of the Day
Responsorial Psalm PS 71:1-2, 3-4A, 5AB-6AB, 15 AND 17

R. (see 15ab) I will sing of your salvation.

In you, O LORD, I take…

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