Grumpy Today

imageSo much to be grateful for but I am grumpy today. Normally I could blame this on hormones but its not it. I’m restless, irritable and discontent. And tired. And my back hurts.

And I’m picking fights with strangers. Maybe it’s because Husband is drinking again and I’m jealous. He’s not an alcoholic so no worries there. But he was my drinking buddy. He quit to support me. Oh well. It’s not his problem, it’s mine. Sooooo…

Gratitude list?

1. I’m grateful for the rain that is taking away the new pollen.

2. I’m grateful for all kinds of people, whether I agree with them or not. I do have that weird eternity kind of love for all people. Does that make sense?

3. I’m grateful Husband refrained from drinking for so long just to support and “suffer with” me

4. Grateful I can go to the women’s meeting tomorrow at 11:30 to see my peeps.

5. I’m grateful it’s almost bed time.

Good night! I feel better already. Nothing like a gratitude list to cure a bout of self-pity. Plus I found this awesome picture of the Samaritan woman listening at the feet of Jesus.  He offers her (and me) his living water.

19 thoughts on “Grumpy Today

  1. Hope you have a great night! I hate “grumpy days!” “Don’t know truly what is wrong?” It helped me the other night talking to our Blessed Mother. Give it a try:>) She took the “grumps” right from me:>) Smile, because I am happy I came across your blog! God Bless, SR

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  3. Hang in there! No matter who’s doing what, you’re never alone! But I also know how you could feel that way. I fight an addiction with no one to talk too! That’s when I turn to Jesus and all the Saints and blessed Mother…they’re always listening! : )

    • That’s the really good thing about having alcoholism—there are a TON of us and lots of people to talk to but like you I tend to get the most peace and comfort turning to my Faith in times of self doubt. Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. Agree with you on #2. When a known purveyor of crime and hate dies, I’ve found that right after my sense of relief, I’m hit with a concern and prayer for that person’s eternal life. That really is our concern for all of humanity. We may need to oppose them in this life, but we must hope that what they did is forgivable in God’s eyes when time for judgment.

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