This post has so much meaning for me today. An Atlantan myself I am very familiar with Andy Stanley‘s preaching and often download and listen to them on podcast. It’s important we discern which gifts of the Holy Spirit we have been blessed with. And like this message warns, we don’t want to be the steward who returned his one talent back to God.

Unapologetically Catholic

I spent some time yesterday, at my mother’s behest, watching Andy Stanley’s message.  Mom had participated in providing some of the props Andy had used in his message.  For those who don’t know Andy Stanley, his father is Dr. Charles Stanley of Atlanta Baptist Church.  He has his own flock now, and is very high tech and interesting to watch (something I wish we could do at Mass, but I know we can’t-the message of the homily is not the focus of Mass).

Andy’s message yesterday was part of a series titled “You’ll be glad you did”.  Yesterday he was talking about doing with what we have.  He had a treasure chest on stage with him, and all kinds of things inside the chest.  He pulled them out one by one and expounded on what they meant.  The bottom line is that God gives everyone a set of talents.  We…

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