Sober Sundays: What the heck is that?

sober sundays

This “Sober Sundays” link-up is party time. And you’re invited to the party. There are TWO WAYS to participate:

The super easy sober simple way to participate:

  1. Follow the prompts at the bottom of the current party to simply add any link to your favorite post (preferably, but not necessarily, written by you) from the previous week that might help someone who has recently quit or plans to quit drinking.

Or, for the computer and technically inclines: IMHO “best” way to participate:

  1. Write a short post entitled “Sober Sundays.” (see sample)
  2. In it, write at least FIVE things you are grateful for today. The first five things that come to mind.
  3. After your gratitude list, link to one of your favorite sober posts from the past week to share your experience, strength and hope with the newcomer.
  4. Insert the “Sober Sundays” image button (simply “save as” image) in your post somewhere
  5. Be sure to put a link back to the current party somewhere in your post so people will be sure to come over here and check out the whole party.
  6. Publish!
  7.  Follow the prompts at the bottom of the current party to link to your newly written Sober Sundays post.

Let’s especially share the ones that offer the most hope to the newcomer, the fellow alcoholic who has decided today’s the day they’re going to quit for good.

We will use this page to keep a running list of the weekly parties:

Sober Sundays vol. 1    3.17.2013

Sober Sundays vol. 2    3.24.2013

Sober Sundays vol. 3    4.7.2013

“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the end, this is an example of what the link up looks like:link up

Here is a 150X150 button.sober sundays

sober sundaysHere is a 300X300 button.

3 thoughts on “Sober Sundays: What the heck is that?

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