Celebrating the Year of Faith



If there is one part of the spiritual life that St. Ignatius of Loyola stressed, it was the daily–and even twice daily–examination of conscience. As we read the Spiritual Exercises, we may be overwhelmed by the minute detail of Ignatius’ treatment  of what he calls the Particular Examination of Conscience. At the same time, he is careful to provide Some Notes on Scruples as a caution for those who are inclined to take their examinations to the extreme.

It is very important for us to form a clear and correct conscience. This means that we cultivate a sensitive judgement which is alert to the least offense against the Divine Will and, at the same time, protect ourselves against the wiles of the evil or bad spirit. St. Ignatius tells us: “The enemy considers carefully whether one has a lax or delicate conscience. If one has a…

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