Letter from Bill Wilson to Sister Ignatia

sr ignatiaThe scroll given to Sister may now be seen at Rosary Hall. This is the inscription:


Dear Sister,

We of Alcoholics Anonymous look upon you as the finest friend and the greatest spirit we may ever know. We remember your tender ministrations to us in the days when AA was very young. Your partnership with Dr. Bob in that early time has created for us a spiritual heritage of incomparable worth.

In all the years since, we have watched you at the bedside of thousands. So watching, we have perceived ourselves to be the beneficiaries of that wondrous light which God has always sent through you to illumine our darkness. You have tirelessly tended our wounds; you have nourished us with your unique understanding and your matchless love. No greater gifts of Grace than these shall we ever have. Speaking for AA members throughout the world, I say: “May God abundantly reward you according to your blessed works – now and forever!’

In devotion,

March 25,1964, Bill W.

Copyright © AA Grapevine August 1966

5 thoughts on “Letter from Bill Wilson to Sister Ignatia

  1. I love this letter. The first time I read this, it made me think about the Sister Mary Ignatia in all of us – how we tend to each other’s wounds, nourish each other with words and actions, and help one another in all ways. She showed us compassion and unbounded love and for that I am grateful. She showed that the stigma needn’t be there and helped us to see that we truly were sick people getting better, not bad people getting good. I read that they wanted to name a wing or something after her, and in full humility, refused. She is one of our saints.

    Thanks for this…loved it. 🙂


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