“Just Write” Link-Up With The Extraordinary-Ordinary

just writeJust Write. This is a blogger link up to Just Write every Tuesday over there at The Extraordinary Ordinary blog by Heather King– to write sort of free association, whatever pops in our heads. It’s my first time participating, but I see that this is the 76th week these bloggers have linked up their “Just Writes.” Wow.


Okay. Here goes.

I'm not blonde but this picture makes me happy. Especially since I currently have this back issue. I think even when I'm 80 I'll still think of myself like this.

I’m not blonde but this picture makes me happy. Especially since I currently have this back issue. I think even when I’m 80 I’ll still think of myself like this.

Having been confined to my home for the most part over the last four weeks, I’ve been able to focus on writing for the first time in my life, actually. I’ve always been a journaler, developed content for newsletters and things. I was a staff writer for a monthly publication in college way back when, and editor for my sorority; but my career path after graduation plopped me in sales.

I had a solid career in advertising sales for interesting magazines–Modern Bride, Bon Appetit—I would write letters, proposals, marketing, that sort of thing.  And I’d look longingly over at the editorial department, plugging away on their PCs developing great content out of any number of subjects. I wanted to be over there, in that department. But I kept getting promoted in sales.

I’d inquire sometimes about writing, in a round-about way so the real editors didn’t think I actually thought I was a writer. I would make a suggestion, catch an error, forward a trend that could become a feature piece for the upcoming issue.

But after a few years I pretty much resigned to myself that I was a salesperson, not writer; and I accepted that I would probably never be a writer. Besides, I made more money in sales, purchased a house on my own, paid off student loans, paid for a beautiful wedding, traveled.

I wrote two books which I never showed to anybody.  The first one was called the Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Recovery.  I still have the manuscript and laugh at myself for how smart I thought I was! I wrote a lot about mitochondria for some reason?  But this was fifteen years ago, so shoot me.

And I wrote another book called, “We Were Scared, Too,” in which I interviewed women around the country who had unplanned pregnancies and made the most difficult of choices: not to abort. I told their stories–I had so much admiration for these women and I wanted to show other girls caught in the same position, that yes it may be really, really difficult; but you will be okay–I worried about the emotional and spiritual ramifications abortion has on the individual woman.  One of my best friends went through this.

I ended up putting their stories on a stagnant web site on WordPress here.

I remember always enjoying writing, filling pages and pages with surprising ease. Way back in my teen years, I developed a journaling habit I continue to this day. Each entry starts with Dear God:

So, Dear God: thanks for everything, really. I am blessed with so much, the husband and children—WHY can’t I write the word, “kids?” Why does that word flow out of my head, but I won’t let myself type it?  Kids are baby goats, not baby humans, I remember my mother mentioning once.

So, I thank you God for my children.  I thought about getting a goat when we moved to this old house, but Husband said it would eat all of our azaleas.

Dear God: thanks for these two herniated discs. Because of this, I’ve been able to really focus on writing. Not sure if I’m any good at it, but boy do I enjoy the heck out of it.  Signing up for WordPress’ post-a-day in 2013 really helped me make the commitment.  So, yay for that!

Today I go to the doctor and find out if surgery is on the horizon.  In a way, I hope it is so I can just get this thing fixed and get back to my life.  But I am sort of enjoying all this Husband driving the carpool and doing the grocery shopping thing.

17 thoughts on ““Just Write” Link-Up With The Extraordinary-Ordinary

  1. I could relate to your story which is nicely presented.
    Being housebound myself i know what it is like -husband doing shopping etc
    sometimes feels good but most of the time i feel guilty and useless.
    Blogging has been a blessing allowing creativity and expression.
    Hope you recover fully but do not give up the writing pleasure in whatever form it is.
    Good luck!

    • Lol! I Wish!…
      It is everything… i am very ill Atypical TB
      too weak to go anywhere do anything..
      You have hope for recovery and life do your best to achieve that
      but be mindful of doctors that offer ‘under the knife’ solutions.
      Hope all turns out well for you!

    • Lol! I Wish!…
      It is everything… i am very ill Atypical TB
      too weak to go anywhere do anything..
      You have hope for recovery and life do your best to achieve that
      but be mindful of doctors that offer ‘under the knife’ solutions.
      Hope all turns out well for you!

  2. Stopping by from Heather’s. I think your 2nd book sounds amazing. I was a writing major in college and always struggled with convincing myself I was a “real” writer. I think it’s something most of us struggle with. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks for stopping by. thanks for letting me know i’m not the only one. seems like we’re not a “real” writer until we get paid for it, maybe? But that shouldnt be the criteria. oh well, i’ll write for me. i’ll check out your blog too!

    • ha ha ha it was by “anonymous”— yes let’s keep writing Tony! i can’t help it. have a great night. maybe we’ll see some white smoke tomorrow?

  3. Seems to me that we chop ourselves down at the knees about the “writing” thing. We feel that unless we get paid, we aren’t writers. But I call myself a writer. I write! If I skied (I don’t) I would call myself a skier. If I hunted (I don’t) I would call myself a hunter. It may not be my career per se, but it’s something that I *do*. So while I may not have anything published, I do have work that I have worked on over many years. Just because we don’t get royalties or a book deal or aren’t in the New Yorker doesn’t make us any less, yes?

    Good on you for those books you wrote. Most writers can’t lay claim to one in their lives and you have two. You should be proud of the effort and perseverance, even if you’re not crazy about one of them..lol.

    I am going to check out your old site and your writing.

    Keep up the fantastic writing you do here – you touch a lot of folks and it’s because you write from the heart and you write out of passion.


    • Great logic and reminder: we don’t need to be paid to be classified as something….. We’re not paying some of our federal government to be, ah, well, but they are … not for now 😀

    • thank you lifecorked! the appointmet went well. the doc recommends surgery but said the insurance company will require more months of conservative treatment first, so I’m scheduled for one of those epidural shots in my spine that will reduce the inflamation in the nerve and give me some painfree days. unfortunately the effects will only last about 4 weeks but at least i’ll be able to get back to my life!

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