This is one of my favorite bloggers and my first blog “follower.” Terry also writes for which is a publication in Canada, I believe. This is excellent advice for us Catholic mothers who are up against forces that try to influence our children away from our Faith. Enjoy!

8 Kids And A Business

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Vatican CityLike many faithful Catholics, the resignation of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI left me feeling uncertain and deeply saddened.  For a few days, I felt a little weepy and the wet, slushy weather fuelled my winter blahs.

With a heavy heart, I went to work each morning as a visiting nurse in the community.  On one of my rounds, a patient struck up an unwelcome conversation.  A non-Catholic, the person weighed in with unsolicited negative opinions about the Papacy, the outgoing Pope and the Catholic Church.

“Oh, Lord,” I silently prayed, “I really don’t want to have this conversation today.”

In the nursing profession, we are taught to put the patients’ needs first.  Our Standards of Practice  instruct us to listen with empathy and to set our own beliefs and values aside so that we don’t make value judgements that might interfere with…

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