Here we go again with our 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler over at Conversion Diary. We reciprocate links to her blog and then post 7 “quick-takes” on our blogs.

International Women’s Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year.  Started as a Socialist political event, the holiday blended the culture of many countries, primarily Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet bloc. In some regions, the day lost its political flavor, and became simply an occasion for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In the West, however, the political and human rights theme of the policies of the United Nations takes over—The UN as usual messes up a good thing.

1.  Happy Women’s Day to the American women that have been persuaded and lied to by a so-called “feminist movement,” which tries to convince them having an abortion will solve their “problem.” These women have suffered emotional and spiritual consequences because they believed the lie that abortion was a simple “choice,” one choice among many choices. Abortion is harmful to women. As a mother of two American boys, I re-commit today to raise them to support and love women. And instruct them if they God forbid get a young woman pregnant before marriage they are to encourage and love her, support her financially and never give her a reason to abort her baby.

2.  Happy Women’s Day to the women in Africa who are being inundated with representatives from our country and the United Nations with slogans like, “Reproductive Rights” and “Reproductive Healthcare.”  The push to infiltrate developing countries with the “solution” of condoms and the morning after pill will no doubt create the same failed scenario we have here in the US—record numbers of abortions, children being raised without fathers, more poverty for women and children and deteriorating attitudes of men towards women sexually. And more importantly, these reproductive “rights” policies harm women emotionally and spiritually. Condoms have not solved America’s AIDS or STD problems, but we still push it on African women because we believe the lie.  I recognize the “good intentions” of these programs (to curb sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies) but the “results” are staggeringly unsuccessful.

3.  Happy Women’s Day to all the young girls and women here in Atlanta, who have been swept up into the sex traffic trade.  Atlanta is one of the top US cities for sex trafficking of young girls (and boys).  Despite valiant efforts of local and national authorities only a little progress has been made to stop this horrific situation. Prayers and money and an all-out assault on the organizations that engage and profit from this industry is greatly needed. And let’s publish the names of the men who are the “customers” of these abominable acts.

4. Happy Women’s Day to the underprivileged and poor women suffering real in-equality throughout the world. While money is funneled into “reproductive health care” initiatives for developing countries, real women are suffering real discrimination and inequality in places like Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Women are raped, murdered, beaten and suffering from forced genital mutilation by a sick misunderstanding of cultural and religious traditions. If only the enormous resources and funds that go to the abortion industry would be directed to the real suffering women we could possibly change minds and attitudes in other countries. We could save many of these women from these abuses.

5.  Happy Women’s Day to all the tireless women (and there are many of us!) who without resources continue to pray, fight and advocate for women against the formidable and well-funded opponents like the Obama Administration, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the women who grew up believing the lies that abortion is a “choice.”

6.  Happy Women’s Day to the working mothers in our country who struggle to balance work and family life. Tax policies in the US make it nearly impossible for single income households to survive and thrive, so women who would rather work part-time or stay home while their children are young are unable to do so and still make ends meet.  And Happy Women’s Day to the women who do want to work full-time but they stress themselves out and sacrifice so much to make sure their children have excellent, nurturing child-care; and they manage to give quality love and attention to their children despite the difficulties of balancing it all.

7.  Happy Womens’ Day to my five sisters.  All of you are truly my personal heroes.  Each day you work and care for your families in ways that are heroic. Number 2, your tireless work with middle and high school youth to help them combat the pressures on them through your talents as a playwright and artist. Using art and drama, you bring these youth out of their shells so they can face and fight peer pressure and bullying. Number 4, your amazing courage and fortitude, leaving an abusive marriage and raising your son to be a fine young man despite his father’s shortcomings. Number 5, your hard work at the high school planning all the events, running the back end of your husband’s business, and running a household with three children, plus maintaining your ministry to encourage and instruct others on the Faith. Number 8, you amaze me. As young parents, you and your husband have relied on faith and hard work and have raised two amazing young adults who are sure to make a difference out in the world. At the same time you’ve moved up the ladder in your career, gotten a Master’s Degree and achieved so much success. And Number 11, oh my only baby sister! You are a brilliant doctor and your decision to stay home with your girls while they’re little took a lot of sacrifice but you didn’t hesitate to do it! You’re a natural and wonderful mother! You keep up with your continuing ed and are instilling your brilliance into your sweet girls—I am still blown away by how well they can read and their vocabulary at three years old!

So that’s it. I know I’m not “politically correct.”  And I’m so glad I’m not. I’m so glad I didn’t believe the lie pushed at me growing up that feminism means abortion rights.  I credit my strong mother, her incredible example (she’s a doer–not a talker, like me) of devotion to her Faith, her children and her husband.  I watched you, Mom. I was always watching you. And I am so grateful for the gifts you’ve given me and the worldview you’ve instilled in me without saying a word.  I love you, Mom!

Number 9