Sister Weekend and Mother Theresa

12345I’m down in Saint Augustine, FL with the goddesses for Sister Weekend 2013.  It’s been several years since we had our last Sister Weekend; and my Mom is so happy to be at the beach with her six daughters.

We are all—all six daughters and my mother—so connected to the beach, the tides, the moon. Something about being near the ocean calms my every anxiety.

Mom and I went to bed at 9:00pm last night; but the other sisters stayed up until after 3:00am–they didn’t get drunk (like I would have!).  They were just enjoying one another, drinking wine and laughing.

My room is at the top of the hardwood, echoing stairs so I could hear every word. I didn’t sleep well; but I couldn’t go down and sit in the “merriment” because I would have wanted to join in.

I know their laughs so well. I even knew which ones were accompanied by tears of laughter.  They were laughing so hard! Many times I laughed with them, albeit upstairs in my bed alone.  They were telling such funny stories, cracking up with Youtube videos, posting silly pictures of themselves on Facebook. I could sit here and say I sulked upstairs, sober, feeling left out, but that would be a lie.

I was completely okay about it.  I was okay not being down there with them—I guess I’m in a good place spiritually right now where nothing can touch my sobriety—I had actually asked God to surround me this weekend, so I could be present with my sisters and be of service.

I enjoyed it with them but didn’t  have to be in the middle of it, in the middle of all the wine and all the fun.

This morning I was up with my Mom at 6:00am—it was wonderful hanging out with my Mom, saying our prayers, talking and drinking our coffees.  We went out to the beach and watched the sunrise.  It was freezing, but so beautiful.  There was a seagull that kept staring at us even though I told him we didn’t have any food for him.  Other seagulls would try to come by; but our little seagull friend yelled at them that we were his people; and so they left.

sandpiperHe just sat there staring at us.  And then I noticed another little bird down in the water and Mom said it was a sandpiper.  I had never seen a sandpiper–or at least didn’t know that’s what it was if I ever saw one before.

Mom gave me this meditation prayer she says a lot and I was determined to re-type it here in my blog, my space.  I’ll type it on another page and back date it because it’s very long.  Click here to read it—it’s Mother Theresa’s own personal prayer she wrote as if Jesus was talking directly to her.  I love it.

I’m going to go to a 9:00am AA meeting–I found one called “Sober Sisters” about 5 miles away.  It will be nice to be in a meeting.

7 thoughts on “Sister Weekend and Mother Theresa

  1. What a lovely post this morning to read! I felt weird for a while when I was ok with things. I questioned why I was ok with them, why wasn’t I my usual stressed out and worked up over things? I felt not ok being ok about things, if that makes sense. But when things started to sink in, and I started to find my faith and connection to God stronger and getting through the steps, I found more and more relief and freedom from the anxiety and worry I used to have in most situations. I love that I am ok in any drinking situation, that I am ok with others who might not do or say what I think they should be doing or saying, that I am ok with *me*. What a difference between then and now, where I couldn’t stand being with me at all.

    Thanks for sharing about the time you are spending with the ladies. It sounds like a wonderful thing.


  2. Thank you, Paul. I totally get what you mean about not being ok with being okay. It feels like I’m on the outside looking in on myself but I sort of like it. Off to the beach!

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  4. Thank you for your sharings. I am a grateful member of Al-Anon ,married to an alcoholic in recovery. Minute by minute, I can’t screw up a day! God bless..

    • thank you for your comment screendoorgirl3! i have never been to an alanon meeting but i know i would love them and get a lot of benefit from them. gotta get back into my own meeting routine after only 1 or 2 times per week lately ugh!

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