Different Kinds of Saints

sisters at sunriseSister Weekend 2013 is coming to a close.  We were all up this morning though to see the sunrise–and there were dolphins!  All bundled up and with blankets, we laughed and told stories and huddled close while the humongous perfectly round orange sun rose into the clear sky.

Mom and I were up at 5am first, saying our prayers.  We got into a discussion about how different people pray in different ways.  She prays for others.  My Mom has a list of people she prays for every day.  This list is SO LONG.  And some of the people on her list are people she’s heard about on the news or gotten a prayer request about long ago–and she doesn’t even know if they’re better yet, but she keeps praying for them. But the majority of her prayers are for her eleven children, their spouses and children, and Dad.

One person on her list is a child who was smushed by an elevator—but she doesn’t know how he is doing today or if he even survived.

Mom has all these saints and prayer cards and typed meditations in her little prayer bag—she has a third or fourth degree relic for Padre Pio, something that touched another Padre Pio relic.  My mom loves to pray through Padre Pio, Saint Faustina, Infant of Prague.  She has a prayer for priests, a prayer for religious liberty, a prayer for the Pope, a 30 day prayer she says for all of her children.  She was showing me, “I pray this prayer for you and your sister, this prayer for that person, this prayer for this person, this one for the sons-in-law, this one for Paul’s back troubles…

me and jennyI was so impressed.

In my prayers, I read/pray and meditate on the writings of Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Francis of Assisi, John of the Cross, Mother Theresa, Saint Therese the Little Flower, and lately I’ve been praying on the Cloud of the Unknowing.

And then (full disclosure here) I “remember” to pray for everybody else.  It’s like an after thought for me to pray for others during my morning prayers.  I pray for my loved ones throughout the day as their struggles come to mind, but unlike my Mom I do not have a list and a persistence to my prayers for others.

I find what she does is truly remarkable. I’ve thought about this before–like is my way is a little selfish?  I’ve wished I prayed better for others.

And then my Mom this morning commented she wished she could pray more like me.  She’s actually taking a Lectio Divina class at Church with Daddy to learn how to do this better.

She said she has trouble connecting directly to God, having an intimate relationship with him. I said that’s all I do, is connect intimately with God—but it’s all about me!  lol

I was floored.  So, is my way of praying “okay?” If my Mom thinks it is okay, then it must be okay because my Mom is a living saint.  I am thinking about this now.

Last week’s Gospel reading at Mass explained how we each have different spiritual gifts but we’re all of the same body. And there are hundreds and hundreds of saints given to us by the Church to show us there are different ways of approaching God, living our vocations, praying.

I’m drawn to the mystics because they pray like I do:  read, reflect, meditate and pray.  My Mom is drawn to other types of saints, who do acts of service and pray for others.  Because they’re more like her. Like Saint Faustina whose whole big thick diary is filled with praying that others receive divine Mercy.

Anyways, these are thoughts I think of today.  We are all different parts of the same body.

11 thoughts on “Different Kinds of Saints

    • Thank you Rann! I am just in from a long day of driving and am happy to participate in this Catholic Blog Directory! I love this! I hope I do this right! Have a great night!

  1. Lovely post 🙂

    I too think about how I can pray “better” – or is there even such a thing? Is the act of praying itself enough? What is “bad” praying? These are the things I used to think, and still do think about now. Am I rushing it? (I sometimes do). I pray for everyone else and not petition for myself, unless it helps me to help others better. This is just stuff I learned and heard about. Your post brings up some questions for myself – and gets me inspired to work more on what prayers to do and when. I might slip in the “Your will, not mine, be done” throughout the day, but is that enough? Am I overthinking it? (Looking at my reply right now…probably!) I look forward to being a place where I can be free from these earthly ego-driven thoughts and just be in communion with God and not worry about it. Practice, I suppose! Thank you so much for this – glad you had a wonderful weekend! Cheers 🙂 Paul

    • Thank you Paul! I know right? I need to pray more for others. I know this and I will work on it. I found I pray by meditation and self-reflection—which is all well and good but I need to petition God too! I need to ask him for things—meaning I need to pray for other people and ask him to grant his favors on others. These ego driven thoughts as you called them are so annoying aren’t they? Sometimes I think too much lol. Regina

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