Young and Catholic and Alcoholic

ImageWow!  If only I had been as wise as “Mary” from this Young and Catholic blog.  I am so happy to have discovered this blog and am adding it to my blogroll.  Dear God, please let my children grow up with the wisdom of the author of this post.

A little bit of the article (Blame It On The Alcohol by Mary Lane) and then a link to read the whole thing.  Be sure to read through the comments as they are as moving as the post itself.


Alcohol is bad! Except, ok—it’s not. It’s actually inherently good. Even Jesus was a fan. We see him drinking wine as part of the Jewish feasts and even performing a miracle transforming water into wine at a wedding (taking “open-bar” to a whole new level). There’s no basis anywhere in Scripture for a Christian to say that God is against people enjoying alcohol.

That being said: there are many places in Scripture that condemn drunkenness.

Unfortunately, the reality for our age group is that knowing that getting drunk is “a sin” is not usually enough to keep most of us from putting ourselves into situations that tend towards drunkenness, i.e. – that party on Saturday night, “Thirsty Thursdays,” or sneaking out into the woods to drink if your college has a dry campus. These are just things people our age do—and God understands, right? For the most part, we’re not hurting anyone by getting more than a little bit tipsy, or even a little bit drunk, when out with our friends.

So then why is getting drunk “wrong,” if we’re just having fun?  Continue reading here…

3 thoughts on “Young and Catholic and Alcoholic

  1. Amen. All created things are inherently good as they were created by God, who is all-good. However, we often pervert these things to evil. I know that I did and I’m glad that I cut out alcohol from my life. If your right hand causes you to sin…
    PS I just found your blog via Sober Catholic and I’m adding you to my RSS feed.

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