Living Sober through the Psalms

Sober Thought of the Day
Lapsing or relapsing is a process that begins a long time before the actual event. Because lapses and relapses don’t “just happen,” it is possible to identify the signs of impending trouble and head it off. If you learn how to spot the warning signs and make plans to act once you see them, you can stay on the road to recovery. Healing the Addicted Brain, Ch. 9

Sometimes a slip, or a relapse, can be headed off by utilizing a few of the tools available to us in recovery. Going to a meeting. Reading sobriety materials. Networking with sober people online. Talking with our sponsors. Praying. When we feel uncomfortable with things and we think a drink might be the solution, we can “play the tape” to remind us what the rest of the night will look like if we take that first drink.

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