Love the Psalms…

Living Sober through the Psalms

Sober Thought for Day
It’s been said in meetings that if you think you had a high bottom, you may have a low bottom in your future. AA Grapevine

What does it mean to hit rock bottom? When it comes to alcohol and drug addiction, “hitting rock bottom” means that the user comes to a place where he decides he does not wish to continue living the way he is living, and hopefully, is now ready to make changes. Addiction is the only illness where the patient remains oblivious to the fact she needs medical attention. Dr David Karol Gore

If we think we have a pretty “high” bottom, in the back of our minds we might still be thinking, “Maybe it wasn’t that bad, afterall.”  So, we may rationalize after a period of time in sobriety that we can make another attempt at controlled drinking.  The problem is, and this…

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