This is the best analysis I’ve found of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.  The author is trustworthy as a Catholic faithful to the teachings of the Church.

Unlike me, who immediately took to my blog first to love and support the Pope, then to proclaim my hope for the future and then to defend the faith from jerks 🙂 —yes, unlike me, this author Steve Jalsevac over at Lifesite News, took a few days to process the news. And his article here shows excellent reason and discernment to the truth about what all of this means for the Catholic Church in the world.

Here is an excerpt, and then please click here to find the entirety of his message:

February 14, 2013, ( – Since Pope Benedict’s shock announcement Monday, I have held off commenting. Time was needed to step back and consider just what  this astounding action from the world’s leading defender of life and family really meant. It was an earthquake announcement that had to have greater significance than the Pope merely being tired and worn out.  The two lightning strikes onto the dome of St. Peter’s that evening added an uncanny emphasis that the Pope’s action demanded the world’s attention.