Ash Wednesday in Good Cheer, To Go

I found this quote from Saint Philip Neri on my blog from last February:

Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits.St. Philip Neri

AshWednesdayIt reminds me it is important I remain cheerful when I give something up, when I sacrifice something I like in order to have a closer relationship with God. Today, with my (frown) back pain it is tough to remain cheerful. I am not a very cheerful person when I’m in physical pain. I’m not awful–I’m just useless.

I couldn’t go to Mass for ashes because of the pain. My Mom said someone could bring me ashes like they do when they bring holy communion to the sick.

My sweet ten year old was happy to do this for me. Their school Mass was at 8:30 this morning. He tried. But our parish priest said it’s not allowed. (frown). So, I ended up rubbing foreheads with my children to get some of their ashes onto me.

Check this out! Ashes To Go in Saint Louis–here is an article about how for the seventh year in a row in St Louis several priests offer ashes to parishoners in traffic. I love this! Not sure if it’s a Catholic practice, though?  It might be an Episcopal thing. Anybody know?

I remember that I am dust, and to dust I shall return.

4 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday in Good Cheer, To Go

  1. The Priest should have offered to come to the house to see you. He could have then brought you communion at the same time. (Anglican Priests can take communion to those who are housebound, so surely Roman Catholic Priests can do this too?)

    • you know, i’m pretty sure if i called the parish somebody would have arranged for that. i find as an effect of growing up with ten siblings i have a habit of not wanting to “bother” people that have more important things… i know how busy the priests are, plus we live so far from Church like 25 minutes—I could have asked and pushed the matter but I didn’t. thank you for caring! I rubbed foreheads with my children and got some of their ashes and my mom (my authority on church matters LOL) said that would suffice. 🙂

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