Fat Tuesday, Pope Benedict and the Haters

hatersI’ve injured my back, not by one big accident or fall, but by four long road trips in six weeks, sitting at the computer on my arse every day, and neglecting to heed the dull signals when they first appeared in December.  I know better but rarely does knowing better do me any good.  So, here I am with a bulging disc, pain radiating down my left leg alternating between ice and heat, overdosing on Ibuprofen and feeling quite sorry for myself.

Fat Tuesday is supposed to be a fun day.

Nothing to do but lie on my back. And I’ve been online all day–mainly reading the Pope stories.  I love Pope Benedict XVI.  I have always admired him from the very first day he was elected back in 2005.  Back then there were so many opinions about how choosing him was an “opportunity lost” for the faith because he wasn’t “progressive.”  And he wasn’t expected to change the Church teachings to make everybody feel good.  The haters were out then; but I actually took comfort every time they spewed their venom because it reinforced for me the Church had elected the right man.  The more they hated, the happier I was with our new Pope.

It amazes me the awful things people say–there is so much hate.  My Catholic Church and faith is one of the only groups it’s culturally acceptable to persecute.  And don’t freak out that I am using the word, “persecute.”  I looked it up:

per·se·cute  /ˈpərsəˌkyo͞ot/ Verb, Subject (someone) to hostility and ill-treatment, esp. because of their race or political or religious beliefs. Harass or annoy (someone) persistently. Synonyms: pursue – torment – pester – chase – harass

So yes, I am using the right diction here.  Persecute. It’s not acceptable (thank goodness!) to persecute black people, women, Muslims or gay people. But for some reason it is accepted in mainstream culture to openly treat the Catholic Church with hostility.

These “comments” are taken in five minutes from one mainstream random article.  I could multiply these over and over.  And actually these are pretty tame compared to what I’ve read today about my Pope.

  • He looks very old
  • Very interesting at the time of the 1929 stock market crash the Vatican becomes its own nation state.
  • leave the perverse ponzi scheme to someone else… smh
  • They should do away with the whole “pope” thing.
  • Who would want to be the head of huge corporation bogged down in the 16th century
  • Your God is Imaginary
  • The weak link in Catholicism is The Church
  • the vatican is the number 1 crooks in the world
  • The Catholic church is an antiquated and self-serving organization which has systematically suppressed women and exploited children in the name of God.
  • It acquired it’s wealth by conquering other civilizations and forcing them into slavery
  • It defamed good women biblical figures by declaring them prostitutes when they were not
  • Only to propagate its patriarchal theology
  • How do people still associate themselves with this corrupt corporation?
  • Perhaps he does not want to end up publicly drooling into his lap like the previous pope.
  • Heck, I’m still waiting for the definitive explanation of how the Inquisition took place for over 400 years. That included over 12,000 burnings at the stake, many alive.
  • Pedophilia?
  • a convenient way to step down from the troubles he doesn’t want to deal with
  • The Church is Big Business and these smaller parishes are simply like 7-11’s 
  • Pope Benedict XVI, the leader of the Catholic Church, is stepping down because he didn’t believe enough in God.
  • it seems the pope’s brother believes it was the butler and business leaks, and NOT children’s sexual abuse for decades that pooped the pope. what a disgrace.
  • Defiling a childs innocence is fine as long as you don’t leak documents in the proccess! 
  • Vatileaks is what weighed on the pope and not the rampant pedophilia scandal
  • The 15th century is the last time anything was updated in the roman catholic church
  • if anyone has evil secrets, it is Fr. Ratzinger.

So how do I respond to this?  Do I reply and respond back on anonymous commentary at the bottoms of articles?  Do I fight back, say what I really think about the character of the people making these attacks?  Do I roll my eyes and blow it off?  These attacks are so uncensored.  The people who hate the Catholic Church make no efforts to hide their anger.  It’s as if they feel safe attacking the Church because they have so many with them on their side who feel the same way. Strength and courage in numbers, I suppose?

It doesn’t hurt my feelings, per se. It’s more like reading minutes from a secret KKK meeting—like standing outside the monkey cage at the zoo. All these crazy monkeys making a scene and I just watch in amazement because they’re just so, well, uncivilized.

No, it doesn’t “hurt.”  It would only hurt if what they were saying were the truth.  What it does is make me want to defend this beautiful Catholic faith of mine. And stick up for the amazing, humble, holy man who is Pope now only for two more weeks–but what will that accomplish after all?

There is nothing I can say to a bully that would make a bit of difference.  No point trying to rationalize with this hate.  Actually, I just need to get it off my own chest, punch a few pillows.

So, I’m going to say it here in my blog, what I really feel.


But I forgive you, I suppose.  Because you obviously know not what you do. Plus I went to an AA meeting today, which always helps me love my fellow-man more.

I feel much better now.


22 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday, Pope Benedict and the Haters

  1. I love the rant near the end, have your say, but then you already know the: 70 x 7 times or Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Both go against our human nature but we have to remember as Catholics that is exactly what The Cross means for us. Am I innocent, perfect? oh no, my blog will tell you that but I am forgiven! . P.S. I recall righteous anger at the temple with the money changers by Jesus if that helps any 😉

  2. Thanks! This is perfect. I totally felt the same satisfaction every time the press hated on B16, because let’s face it, if they’re happy, something isn’t right!

  3. It IS SO AGGRAVATING to see intrinsic evils being glorified and legitimized, while the enemies of THE Church delight in the failures of some of its members. True, we Catholics should be held to a higher standard. And, the sins of 1517 were repeated in worse style in the last half of the 20th century. The point to emphasize is that the sinners within the Church were NOT acting in accordance with God’s or Church laws. We must remain steadfast in the face of an opposition “funded” by the Prince of Darkness. Perhaps we can also get some comfort from an ad Coca-Cola had on a brick building in Cincinnati in the 1980s. It said for there to be a challenger (recalling the the “Pepsi Challenge”), there has to be a champion. 🙂 — Tony

  4. Pope Benedict is my Pope, since I converted to Catholicism right after he became Pope. He is exactly what I expected from a Pope when I wanted to come into the Church. His writings spurred me further to deepen my faith. I love that man and what I chose to do on the day he announced his resignation was to only read those things that were going to be positive about him. I knew there were would be trolls out there slamming him and the Church, but it was useless to listen to that noise. I enjoyed the day of his resignation, although with sadness, because I heard only the beauty of what he brought to the Church. What a great blessing it was to covert when he was our Pope.

    • Oooohhhh I am sometimes jealous of converts because your faith is so pure and properly catechized. I’ve considered going through RCIA just so I can have the zeal of the converts! Bless you!

      • Sadly I do feel very lucky, because I was so prepared before I came into the Church that it was a great joy. My in-laws are cradle Catholics and they seem to struggle greatly with their faith, and respectfully their faith is questionable. As hard as the journey has been to come into the Church, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so happy to be here.

  5. Here’s my suggestion. You need to actually say what you mean. Don’t hold back. (just kidding) It’s easy to get frustrated with these people. The best we can do is pray for them. But if it makes us feel better to rant a little bit on our blogs, it can’t hurt. They won’t be reading us anyway. Peace

  6. Thank you for your “Like” of my article and thank you for writing such an insightful and pure expression of your faith and beliefs. Faith rarely comes easily to anyone but when there are reasons to defend it (and detractors to defend it from) we grow stronger in the faith and it inside of us. As a United Methodist, I can’t claim that our church has ever been persecuted but I do know that it and other Christian faiths are under assault and strong leaders, be they a Methodist Bishop, an Episcopal Archbishop or the Pontiff of the Catholic Church are never more important than now. Thanks again for your article and great to see one from a fellow Southerner!

  7. It’s good to get it off your chest. I feel the same way, but it’s so futile, isn’t it.

    I pity them. They have no real light in their worlds, and for this reason, I pray for them. Pray that they will find the light they we are open to; pray that there will be a reconciliation, if they are lost. Pray that they will be struck down en route to their Damascus. Pray that their souls will have the chance to be saved.

    And of course, pray for our Pope, who must turn the other cheek.

  8. Let it all out. Here in the UK, it’s the Anglican Church who get it in the neck just as much as the Roman Catholics. On one hand, we’re out-moded, old-fashioned and irrelevant. But then suddenly there’s a vote in Synod or the Archbishop steps down and we’re front page news. It’s like watching a tennis match…

    You’re right; haters gonna hate. They only focus on the negative, instead of looking for the positive. And when it comes down to it, Pope Benedict is well past retirement age, so surely he should be allowed to retire in peace, with grace and dignity, rather than being questioned for his reasons for wanting to step down. Heck, he was well past retirement age when he took up the post in the first place. Only in the Church would someone who could be seen as being a weak link be given such an important job, and people don’t see – or understand, or even want to understand – that.

    • What a great analogy of the tennis match! And you’re right. When there is a big govt issue the Church becomes front page news. So what is it world? Are we irrelevant or are we front page news. Love it. Thanks!

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