You Might Be a Grateful Alcoholic if..?

gratitude rockI recently started participating in a “super secret” online recovery group. One of the members suggested every one comment one thing quickly about why we’re grateful to be recovering alcoholics.

These were the responses posted within a couple of hours…  Each one is by a different recovering woman. This list is so helpful for me. I didn’t want to lose it, so I copied and pasted it here (with names omitted of course).

Please ADD TO THIS list in the comments section if you are a grateful recovering alcoholic, too.

You Know You’re Loving Sobriety When… 

  • the colors are vivid!
  • you wake up and you know where you are and your biggest issue that morning is not having enough milk for your coffee
  • You wake up guilt free
  • My children can’t wait to tell me something and I actually stop what I’m doing and listen to them!
  • annoying things and people don’t really get to you anymore.
  • Your grocery bill is lower at checkout and you can afford the calories in chocolate.
  • i actually like hanging out with women!  recovering alcoholic women, that is
  • You realize you’re way more social and connected sober than when you were drinking.
  • I actually get a kick out of kids! I use to think I hated kids, except for mine, of course. Now, they entertain me, they’re fun!
  • You see a group of people laughing and drinking coffee outside a church, and you’re like “ooo a meeting!”
  • Hearts of Gratitude (logo) greenYou can actually face your problems instead of drinking them numb. And the world doesn’t end when you do.
  • i start wishing my husband was an alcoholic so he could work the 12 steps too
  • You actually notice and pay attention to people
  • I remember what I did last night
  • i make promises and keep them!
  • You get a great night sleep. You don’t wake up in the middle of it to guzzle water
  • no hiding!
  • getting sober has brought me back to my childhood faith
  • Living in honesty. No guilt and no hiding.
  • Stop finding empty bottles you were hiding to dispose of later…
  • thinking about someone other than myself
  • my kids get to school on time!
  • You get super-excited when you discover a delicious new flavor of tea.
  • I’m told I’m a great mom and believe it most of the time. I have an amazing spiritual life and relationship with God. I could keep going and going, but I’ll stop for now!
  • You forget something but don’t have to feel ashamed —because you weren’t drunk, just forgetful!
  • So true! That never would have happened if I was drunk!
  • I don’t save my water bottles anymore because I don’t need them to hide my vodka.
  • You look forward to talking/seeing/texting/being with other men and women just like you..
  • you finally know what it feels like to look in the mirror and like the person staring back at you!
  • calming anxiety actually works better without booze
  • you feel relief
  • i would add: i don’t wake up in the morning with that feeling of dread “i have to just do this all over again?”” feeling… each day unfolds with purpose and life and sometimes, even whimsy. i never had whimsy when i was drinking.
  • I have always preferred the company of alcoholics and I still do but now they are all sober


  • When I’m with “my people” and I just feel so much like I belong and I feel that strong bond in my heart that I am “home”. I LOVE my sober community. They make my life so rich.
  • you can finally say “I’m a grateful alcoholic.”
  • You can see what a difference it is to grow rather than to whither.
  • seeing a cop driving behind you and not worrying about it!
  • Driving after 5 pm is no longer an issue.
  • When I am laying in bed with my son talking and laughing. Really being present and there for him.
  • You can handle your pain, still laugh, still be happy, still be grateful and graciously embrace all feelings and you no longer label feelings as “bad” or not allowed to feel etc.
  • Going to a meeting and all your friends are there!
  • you find your self grateful to be feeling everything, even the crappy things.
  • You feel as excited about other people’s sobriety milestones as you do your own.
  • You are madly in love with your sobriety community and would do anything for people you have never met face to face. You reach out and there is always someone there to take hold of your hand.
  • You realize that what you can’t do alone, you can do together.
  • You’re more happy and exuberant for others triumphs over your own because you can see how far they’ve come! You KNOW their struggle.
  • You can stand in front of a room of 100+ people and share one of your most horrifying drunk stories and not despair
  • It’s amazingly freeing!!!
  • When you can say (and mean it!) I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to be an alcoholic as long as I’m an alcoholic that is in recovery and doesn’t drink anymore!
  • OMG — So grateful I don’t have to live in shame and secrecy. What a relief!
  • I finally quit smoking!  I could never quit smoking when I was still drinking.
  • I am not ashamed to say i am an alcoholic
  • I LOVE being excited for others, knowing as they start this journey the possibilities are endless.
  • I am so proud to be an alcoholic, and grateful for this disease. It has taught me so much, and I have so much to give.
  • You can go to a social gathering and focus on the people instead of drinking
  • You can remember how the movie ended!
  • Grateful that this shitty disease has brought me to my knees, literally. I realize I had to choose to live a spiritual life or die an alcoholic death.
  • I can talk to another parent at an evening kid event and not worry if that person can detect alcohol on my breath.
  • my children trust me
  • i don’t have to lie all the time to sneak drinking
  • i can be proud of myself instead of down on myself

14 thoughts on “You Might Be a Grateful Alcoholic if..?

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  4. This is SUCH a great post – thank you for writing it! Some of them were touching, but I really appreciated the funny ones too, such as: ‘you wake up and you know where you are and your biggest issue that morning is not having enough milk for your coffee.’ Indeed. Milkless coffee mornings are now my biggest tragedies upon waking. What a difference to my drinking days!

    And also, thank you for the shout-out/ pingback… I really appreciate it.

    • Hi rising woman I love your blog I just retread your post about your free weekend doing laundry and drinking green tea. Do normal people get to experience the absolute joy of living in the “mundane” or is this grace reserved for those of us brought to the edge by our drinking so we can truly appreciate real life now by comparison? Whatever the case being able to go on living life on life’s terms is splendid.

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