Each year the goddesses (my Mom and five sisters and I) have this rule where we have to pick a theme word for the year.  And, occasionally we’ll remember to hold each other accountable for our words we picked.

My word for 2013 is Action.  This was my word in 2008 and I had such a great year.

Here is a post from one of my favorite sober bloggers Guinevere Gets Sober that I could have written myself because it is exactly me.

An excerpt from her post that especially resonates with me right now: “They (my feelings) needed to be managed, by something other than me. My management strategies were digging me further and further into a hole.” Guinevere Gets Sober

So wild that people like me sometimes think, “If I feel it then it’s the truth.”  Not in some new age moral relativist way—I don’t mean anything sensual or physical here…  I’m talking about emotions, those feelings.  Not a feeling I have about something concrete, like politics.  But a feeling I have about my feelings..  ha ha.

Here is a post from one of my favorite morning prayer books, My Daily Bread, that talks about feelings and the proper place for them in our lives.

I hate that word “feelings.”  In fact, that word scares the hell out of my husband and sons LOL.

But I have to confront that word–literally–and dissect it because I understand the psychology that feeling your feelings blah blah blah.

And what I’ve figured out is I counteract unpleasant, unwanted feelings with action.  Action, with a capital “A.”  Just DO it.

Who cares if I feel like it or not?  Don’t think about.  Don’t think through it.  Don’t wonder what would happen if …  just DO it.

And for me it’s not an aversion to risk thing… Actually, I’m big on jumping into things without thinking through them.  In fact, “risk-taker” would be one of the adjectives people that know me and love me would use to describe me.

What I mean here about “just doing it” is more about (um, dare I say?) laziness.

Ugh.  “Laziness” is such a filthy word in my mental vocabulary dictionary.  Yuck.

So back to Action. I practiced Action yesterday to astonishing results—just did the next right thing, right in front of me and gave no thought whatever to how I felt about it.  Giving the results to God—I just dove in and did the work. And of course God made everything perfect. 🙂

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” ~William James

I’ll practice Action again today and see what happens…  stay tuned.