7 Quick Takes: 7 “Kick Ass” Sobriety Blogs


Here we go again with our 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Jennifer Fulwiler over at Conversion Diary. We reciprocate links to her blog and then post 7 “quick-takes” on our blogs.

This Friday I’m offering 7 great sobriety blogs for you or someone you know suffering from alcoholism or loving someone suffering from alcoholism.  May God bless you!

1. Ellie at Crying Out Now, One Crafty Mother and The Bubble Hour — Ellie has done more, IMHO helping women trying to recover from alcoholism than any other woman of my generation on the planet.  How do you like that for a recommendation?  Her experience, strength and hope really are “all that.”

2. Heather King at Shirt of Flame is a contemplative and sober Catholic–her writings show up in one of my favorite morning prayer books (Magnificat).

3. Three sober women bloggers:  Julie at Sober Julie — recovering alcoholic mother in Canada and an ardent follower of Christ.  And Guinevere Gets Sober is a top ranked blog for women in sobriety.  And another, The Act of Returning to Normal.  And another: Sober In October.

4. Andrea at Your Kick Ass Life — “Kick Ass” hence the headline for this post—Andrea has been helping women reach their potential for years and eventually came to terms with her own dependence on alcohol.7quicktakes

5. Several bloggers write here, but this is the most in-depth, up-to-date, real journalism type online magazine for addiction—The Fix. Alcohol and Recovery Straight Up.

6. Ann Leary, author of The Good House–a novel about a mother in New England who struggles with alcoholism and family.  Ann’s been sober for  years and years and is married to a Hollywood type.

7. And this one is NOT a “sobriety” blogger (as far as I know) but it’s for anybody that has ever suffered from depression.  You must see this post by Allie at Hyperbole and a Half.


12 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 7 “Kick Ass” Sobriety Blogs

  1. Thank you for the mention in your comments!

    I too love Hyperbole and a Half. “God of Cake”describes me to a T!

    Here’s a couple of blogs that come from a religious background that you may enjoy:



    I found many of the blogs I follow just by clicking on comments and blog rolls of sobriety bloggers I enjoyed; I encourage anyone looking for sobriety blogs to do the same. It’s wonderful there are so many of us out here! – Christy

    • Thanks Christy! It is sooooo comforting to know how many of us there are…especially after spending years thinking I’m the only one lol. I am following One Sober Catholic and will check out Sober Boots, thanks!

  2. Great to learn of more places where I can read other women who are working on sobriety – thanks! The sense of community in the journey to sobriety is wonderful.

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