In a round about way, through becoming Facebook friends with a fellow sober blogger, I discovered this woman Brene Brown–she talks about shame. Also, since I couldn’t make it to my meeting I was grateful I came across and listened to episode 8 from The Bubble Hour–the topic was shame.

I experienced a period and a depth of shame four months ago which profoundly affected me–in good ways and in bad.  Good, in that it became a springboard of change.  Bad in that something seemed to break inside me-I felt it break.  And then I buried it.

It’s time to really begin to work on my 4th—and get through it.  Having been through a complete 4th Step before—back in 2007–I believe (from experience) working through the steps will help ease some of this buried shame.  I’ve been talking about getting through my 4th Step for a couple of months now.  Enough talk.  It’s really time to take some action.

Plus, I can’t afford therapy!