I “chaired” the 11:30am women’s meeting today. I feel like I never make any sense but the main objective was just to start the meeting on time, follow the format, and end the meeting on time.  I said a few words about finding joy in the mundane routines of life: cooking, cleaning, paying bills, doing laundry.  All things that were made much more fascinating in the past accompanied by a couple or five drinks.

It was a good meeting, with a lot of people sharing. One lady at the end took up fifteen minutes, which was way too long.  But I felt like she needed to keep sharing plus who am I to tell her to stop? I have faith in the process and don’t worry much over stuff like that.  Some people share too long, some share too often, some share off-topic, etc..  but it all works out.  Everything gets back on track by the end.

I’m getting sick :(.  I feel like it’s bronchitis or pnuemonia or a brain tumor or something.  Or the flu.  Whatever it is, I feel like crap.

The boys went with friends to go see The Hobbit–and Husband is picking them up afterwards. I’m thinking I won’t have to make dinner because he’ll probably stop and pick them up something on the way home.  Yay. That’s good because I’m going back to bed.