I gave my resignation at work yesterday. It was a really good job but I was compelled to do so, unable to sell or even pick up the phone to call anybody.  It started in December with all the cancellations and as the cancellations continued I more and more lost faith in my product.  As more clients, that I’d met with and counseled came to me and said, “It doesn’t work,” I got more and more timid about selling the product.  The stressful part was even as I tried to busy myself with administrative work, taught myself how to design ads etc.. I was still expected to report on how many appointments I had each day and week.

I really like my boss and he was very kind when I gave my resignation. I believe he was surprised and I know he was disappointed as he had great faith in my ability to sell.

God, I am going to have faith, not fear.  Right now I’m in fear—we will lose our health insurance and income—but I will consciously place my fear into your hands to turn it into faith.  I dont have the comforting “peace” about this decision, yet here I am.  I choose to have faith.

I pulled open my Novena book this morning and out fell the prayer card from Father Brian Higgins from when he was the Director of Vocations for the Archdiocese.  It simply reads, “Lord, what do you want me to do with my life?”

And it goes on to instruct the reader to pray this five times each time followed up with a minute of silent prayer.

So, there you go.  Lord, what do you want me to do with my life?  I give my life to you, lead me and show me what’s next.  Help me take care of my family and stay sober.  Amen

And when I struggle with caring what other people think, I can read this from My Daily Bread.