I want to make my blog public so I can follow and learn from other Catholic sober bloggers but I’m afraid to because of that girl who was reading my blog, the friend of Lexi, Shannon, Haynie, Robin and all them…people I definitely don’t want to read my blog.  There is nothing good to come out of them reading my stuff.  They don’t even know me. How can I remain private but still participate in all sober blogger network.

Also, if they could find my blog, I guess my boss or future employers could find it too?  How annoying.

How can I keep all this anonymous but still participate in the network of bloggers?  I am definitely not ready to be public with all of this.  I guess anything on the web is trackable back to me 😦

So I will remain private and write for my own self and God and that’s it.

And when I struggle with caring what other people think, I can read this from My Daily Bread.