Chapter 60, Man’s True Glory, page 361

My Child, let worldly men seek their success and glory from one another.  I want you to seek your glory from Me alone.  All human glory, all worldly honor, all earthly splendor—these are empty and bare when compared with the heavenly glory, honor and splendor which I have prepared for My loyal followers.

True greatness is not in the man who is satisfied with himself.  It is only in those with whom I am satisfied.  My standards for judging people are not like the standards of this world.  I shall not estimate your merits by your knowledge, nor by your position among men, nor by your having visions and consolations.  I shall estimate your worth by your humility and by your charity.  I shall look to see whether you think too much of yourself, or whether you prefer My will.  I shall consider whether you seek My honor and glory in your daily activities, or whether you seek your own advantage and honor.

Your highest perfection and glory lie in loving My truth above all else, in forgeting self to the point of being humbled and despised for My sake.  Do not consider your strength, nor even your lack of strength.  Fix your attention on My boundless power, wisdom and love.

If you love My truth, you will praise My name, not yours.  You will esteem and honor My will, not your puny human accomplishments. You will bless Me in all things, and you will refuse to let the praises of people turn your head.