This is interesting–not sure if this is from the Huffington Post or from Scientific Americanl but Dirk Hanson writes this article about how women are hit harder by the physiological and biological effects of alcohol dependence more quickly than men.  This article advocates partially for women-only research and women-only treatment tracts.

I agree whole-heartedly with that.  I would vote for women only treatment centers.  The treatment center I went to was mixed and there was always the undercurrent of sex in the air.  There were patients having sex.  There were sexual comments from some of the men.  One man got kicked out for this.  Then there were all the hot little twenty-something female drug addicts that spent so much energy on dressing the part and little energy on their actual recovery.  There were cat-fights over men.  There was gossip and jealousy in this group.  Cliques.  I think if it were all women, then a lot of those sexual overtones would completely disappear.

Anyways, here is the link to this fabulous article and also a great video by HuffPo at the end of the piece.