I’ve been researching Catholic resources for Alcoholism and Addiction and have come to the conclusion that AA is by no means the one and only way to sobriety. But for me it is the way.

I have craved (and I don’t use that word lightly as I know the strength of definition of craving) a Catholic recovery program ever since my first few days in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Firstly, certainly I note the incredible grace and benefit of AA and her 12 Steps.  However, I can’t ignore my own heart, which hungers for my faith and spirituality to be one and the same.

I tried to explain to Rob this past week when we were in Florida that I would never be successful staying sober because God required my participation—and knowing from my own past experiences with my self, I knew if it was to be up to me then I would fail.  I lamented to my husband that God shouldn’t require my help in getting me sober, that he should just do it for me, perform the miracle.  Because I reasoned if He needed my assistance then I was doomed.

So, when I just came across this quote by Saint Catherine of Siena, to whom this blog is named for, I had to smile:

Saint Catherine of Sienna said “God brought you into this world without your cooperation and will not save you without your cooperation.”

And I understand Saint Augustine had a similar understanding when he wrote, “God willed you without you and will not save you without you.”  

I propose rather than the conjunction “and” separating both of these quotes’ two-part phrases should be changed to “but,” because “but” makes more sense to my ignorant mind.  But, He will not save me without my cooperation.