Inventory of Spiritual Gifts
The Holy Spirit may bestow many gifts upon us to build-up His Church. Though not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive, the thirty major gifts listed here are all found in one form or another in Scripture. The gifts are arranged by Category and include a “brief” definition in parenthesis. Scripture references are listed in brackets:

Speaking Gifts (10):

Apostleship …ability to minister, evangelize, and pastor in cross-cultural, missionary settings  [1 Cor 12:28; Eph 4:11]

Prophecy…ability to preach or proclaim the Truth of God with clarity and to apply it to a particular situation with a view to correction or edification. Prophecy may sometimes speak to future events, but is
primary a supernatural gift of preaching  [Rom 12:6; 1 Cor 12:10, 28; Eph 4:11]

Evangelism …ability to effectively communicate the Faith in such a way as to bring people to Christian conversion; and to effectively disciple others into the fullness of the Christ-life  [Eph 4:11]

Pastoring/Shepherding …ability to provide spiritual leadership, counsel, food, guidance, and
guardianship in group settings and to individuals  [Eph 4:11]

Teaching  …ability to explain effectively the Truth of God in such a way that those being taught not only understand the Truth in a profound way, but are profoundly inspired by the Truth  [Rom 12:7; 1 Cor 12:28; Eph 4:11]

Exhorting  …ability to counsel or to encourage those in spiritual, emotional, or physical need  [Rom 12:8]

Word of Knowledge  …ability to discover, know, and communicate deep spiritual Truths. In extremely rare instances, such as with St. Padre Pio, this gift may include the ability to “read souls”  [1 Cor 12:8]

Word of Wisdom …ability to apply and communicate knowledge wisely  [1 Cor 12:8]

Tongues…ability to speak in a language not previously learned for the purposes, when interpreted, of prophecy and edification of the Church. This is not a private prayer language [1 Cor 12:10, 28]

Interpretation  …ability to interpret a language not previously learned into one’s native language for the purposes of prophecy and edification of the Church  [1 Cor 12:10]