Before I reconciled AA with my Faith, I tried to come up with my own version of the 12 Steps.  How arrogant of me!  Anyways, here they were:

CA1: I accept I have an unhealthy dependence on and attachment to alcohol causing trouble in my life and separating me from God.

CA2: I Believe God exists and performs miracles; and I can break this attachment by total abstinence and God’s grace.

CA3: Every day, I surrender my free will over to God.

CA4: I attend Mass every Sunday and every Holy Day of Obligation, worshipping God in communion with other Catholics.

CA5: I attend group meetings or one-on-one coffees with other individuals who have similar struggles with dependence on alcohol. (Calix, AA, CR, WFS, etc..)

CA6: I write out my Examination of Conscience and make the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least once a year.

CA7:  I receive absolution for my sins and resolve with the help of God’s grace to amend my life.

CA8: I do my Penance as directed by a priest.

CA9:  With the help of my Catholic Spiritual Director, I focus on virtues to increase and vices to decrease through action, with God’s grace.

CA10: At the end of each day, I pray the Act of Contrition and examine my conscience for that day.

CA11: I seek through prayer and meditating on the life of Christ through the Rosary and through Lectio Divina to improve my relationship with God and listen for His will for me.

CA12:  Having conquered my sin by the grace of God and improved my life by daily surrendering my will to God, I resolve to live the Prayer of Saint Francis, study the lives of the saints and celebrate my Catholic faith in all aspects of my life.